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Episode 72
July 17 , 2019

72. Best-Selling Novelist on Salvadorean refugees in Nicaragua, the Mennonites of the Belize Jungle, Surfing Down a Volcano and Marie Claire

As a foreign correspondent for Reuters, best-selling novelist Fiona Neill worked with Salvadorean refugees in Nicaragua, learnt to make jewellery in the Andean mountains of Peru and travelled all over writing reports on civil war refugees. She ‘surfed’ down the side of an active volcano, survived revolutions and serious illness and…
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Taking you on a journey of discovery, with a wonderfully diverse selection of characters, The Big Travel Podcast explores fascinating lives through the medium of travel; from childhoods with little money for much more than camping holidays to fabulous tales of exotic climes and incredible adventures. Politicians, Paralympians, philanthropists, famous faces from TV, radio, music, books, journalism, sports, stage and screen, SAS soldiers, adventurers and ordinary people taking extraordinary journeys tell their stories of life through travel. Through this, The Big Travel Podcast finds out what it is about travel that inspires us, makes us laugh, love, cry, and sometimes cringe, yet above all keep travelling.
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Lisa Francesca Nand is a travel journalist, writer, filmmaker and host of The Big Travel Podcast.

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