A year spent camping out in the bush in Cameroon led Will Bolsover from Natural World Safaris make travel his life’s work. From tracking tigers in Siberia, to finding hidden corners of Madagascar and most recently spending 48 minutes in the Antarctic followed by 11 nights in hotel quarantine…it’s not always straightforward but it certainly sounds absolutely magical. 


On this episode we talk:

Launching Will’s own travel podcast for Natural World Safaris

Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Polar Regions 

From adventure through to luxury

Guiding in Francophone Africa 

Starting with primates and throwing in big cats and bears 

The best way to see the Galapagos 

How nobody combines being a vet and a priest

How Madagascar is an unsung hero 

Lisa’s low cultural references

Up close and personal with wildlife in Madagascar 

Lemurs bouncing across the lawns 

The haunting calls of the teddy bear creature 

Needing to be patient with the weather in the Polar regions 

Spending 48 minutes in Antarctica! 

Following by ten days in hotel quarantine outside Heathrow

Hotel quarantine being not as bad as he worried it would be 

Boling mulled wine in the kettle 

Lisa finding home quarantine very difficult

Doing a lot of solo travel 

Tracking tigers in Siberia 

Spending a year in the Bush in Cameroon 

How the standout moment was going home!

Building a football pitch

The transient periods of travel can be challenging 

How leaving on a plane can access intense feelings

Balancing his work with children

Swimming with whales in Sri Lanka

And Sperm Whales in Dominica 

How the community of conservationists is key 

Stargazing in the middle of nowhere 

The pandemic being a chance to re-set travel

Travel bans affecting everyone from high end companies to the guides on the ground in Botswana 

The travel industry needing industry-specific support 

Morcheeba at sunset on the ridge of the Atlas Mountains





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