Witty, entertaining, self-deprecating yet obviously enormously clever, it’s hard to describe the powerhouse of conversation that is Paul Ross. His career in broadcasting encompasses pretty much every radio station in the UK and seminal TV shows such as The Word and The Big Breakfast.


In this episode we pack in love for the London underground, growing up in London in the 1970s, his five siblings (including of course his famously erudite brother Jonathan Ross), traditional Seaside holidays, Eastenders, glam rock, punk rock, reciting poems at airports, German philosophers, student grants, Bingo calling, a Sicilian Mafia busting mayor, frightening bats in the Amazon, tattooed men on the train platform at Peterborough, working on seminal programmes The Word and The Big Breakfast, Greg Dyke, Chis Evans, Danny Baker, Chris Tarrant, Michael Palin, Davina McCall, Terry Wogan, Lou Reed’s love of the Holiday Inn, family travel, Ireland, Iceland, Brazil, China, Kent, marriage, divorce, parenthood, bad driving, his love of Russia, Communism, TV in the 80s, Gameshows, New York, Philadelphia, Kafka’s Prague, James Joyce, chasing the mafia in Sicily, South American bandits, getting mugged in Rio, The Berlin Wall, Antarctica, Siberia, Moscow, Putin, Tolstoy, Bruce Springsteen, donkeys, dogs, getting smuggled out of the UK in the luggage compartment of a bus (yes, really) and his unlikely-to-be-fulfilled ambition of running an old cinema on the Kent Coast.

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