10. Adam Groffman; American travel blogger from ‘Travels of Adam’; on LGBT Travel, Hipster Hangouts and How to Make a Living By Travel Blogging - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 10
March 27 , 2018

10. Adam Groffman; American travel blogger from ‘Travels of Adam’; on LGBT Travel, Hipster Hangouts and How to Make a Living By Travel Blogging

Having quit his job some years ago to travel full-time Adam, through his blog and website Travels of Adam, is living this dream. On this episode Adam talks about 50 or more countries he’s visited – from camping with Bedouins in the desert in Jordan to finding the hippest hangouts in every European City and his plans to base himself back in his beloved America. We talk about holidays, Trump, LGBT travel, gay rights, festivals and also find out more about how you too can make your living out of travel. Please give a big hand to the lovely Adam Groffman.

On this episode we chat about: 

How Adam quit his ‘dream job’ to travel the world

Rekjavik , Iceland

Americans and passports

The vastness and variety of the USA

How some Americans get a bad press for the above

The rubbish vacation allowance in the US

Travelling the world

Falling in love with Berlin

Berlin’s creative vibe

Loving Europe

How he makes his living out of travel



How he started his blog

His love of connecting with other travel writers

How he’s not a digital nomad

Finding the coolest, hippest coffee shops

Moving to New York City

Award winning LGBT travel

Safety when travelling as a gay man

Gay rights around the world

Hipster City Guides



Falling foul of travel scams

Following the rules when abroad

Argentina in shorts

Unexpected weather

What inspires him about travel

Being a social butterfly

Meeting the locals

But not avoiding the non-locals

His love of Big Citiies




Falling for nature

Being a big fan of deserts



Camping with Bedouins

The serenity of the desert at night

The pressure of being on social media

Removing yourself from the digital world

Returning to favourite beaches in India

How India has changed

Being off-grid

Developing countries

LGBT rights in India

Backpacking South East Asian

Living with locals in Vietnam

His Vietnamese Aunt

Eating half-fertilised eggs

Giving up vegetarianism

Eating the whole animal

Eating everything in Japan

Japan in the Autumn

The Big Travel Podcast’s wonderful American listeners (hello!)

Love of America

Growing up in Texas

Howdy to everyone in Texas!

Travels as a child with his family

Living in Boston

The ‘Trump Slump’ in tourism

Going back home to the US

People refusing to go to America

Travel boycotts

The importance of travel and tourism

Plans to live in Brooklyn

Plans for the most hipster

New York being a dream

The culture shock of going home

His love of festivals

Dreams of Glastonbury

Plans for South America

Working with tourism brands

Working with destination offices

Visit Britain and LGBT travel promotion

His love of the UK


Brighton’s gay history

How other people can earn money from travel

Tourism’s importance to an economy

Creating content for social media

His first big trip to Australia

Following your passion