107. Samantha Kelly; ‘Tweeting Goddess’ on Ireland’s Beauty, Hong Kong Bar Dancing and the People Who Inspire Us - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 107
October 16 , 2020

107. Samantha Kelly; ‘Tweeting Goddess’ on Ireland’s Beauty, Hong Kong Bar Dancing and the People Who Inspire Us

All the way from Rosslare Harbour in Wexford in Ireland Samantha Kelly is the founder of the global Women’s Inspire Network. We talk about inspiring female entrepreneurs, the people who have inspired us, arriving by boat to Ireland on the way to the Seychelles, working as a waitress in a Hong Kong Irish Pub, the joys of dancing on bars, the joys of Irish pubs, getting engaged in New York and how the human connection, the things that bond us and make us smile, are more important than ever. A truly uplifting episode. 


On this episode we cover:


The family arriving by boat on the way to the Seychelles

But making it as far as Ireland and staying forever

Being inspired by her ‘Del Boy’ Dad

Going sober

Starting her business Women’s Inspire Network

Supporting other women

Seeing a gap in supporting women to work online

Lisa finding it’s suddenly okay for women to have kids and work from home

Feeling that women can sometimes be the underdog in business

How dynamics can change when people have children

Starting her business as a lone parent

Covid lockdowns bringing more people online

Traditional music in wonderful Irish pubs

The one-legged musician that drove them home

The dish that reminds her of her dad

The pub she went into cry

Being in the Hairy Lemon recipe book alongside Bono

How being vulnerable can lead to engaging special moments

Being proposed to on top of the Empire State building

Coming home pregnant from Hong Kong

Feeling the weight of Irish history when crossing to New York

Working as a waitress in a Hong Kong Irish bar

Whether plastic Paddy is a derogatory term

Lisa having some of the best nights in her life in Irish pubs around the world

Singing and dancing on the bar for a boat load of Navy arrivals

Lisa’s night dressed as a schoolgirl dancing with the Navy in Dublin

How a night out in Dublin can leave you needing a holiday

The beautiful coast of Dublin

Spending a year in Paris as an au pair

Loving the sights and the sounds and the baguettes and the men

Only allowed to dance on the bar if you’re a good dancer and good looking

Covid life uncertainty making everyone tired and stressed

Human connection more than ever

Her Irish family and her Hong Kong Chinese daughter

Her father’s wonderful attitude to life

Alcohol in Ireland being too normalised

Old school Irish men dying young

Being on state age ten singing Abba

Speaking gigs in New Zealand, San Diego and more

The woman with the suit on in the airport she wished she could be like

Lisa’s ‘girl with the apple’ moment at Frankfurt

How Stupid Girl by Garbage made Lisa feel she had wasted her life

But she later became just like the girl with the apple

Realising you got there!

How the person next to you could change everything for you

Being the nervous flyer, crying on take off

Lisa laughing hysterically on the worst flight of her life

How airports are transitional places that can make you evaluate your life

How dancing on the bar to ABBA can be the best feeling in the world