109. TV Baker Cynthia Stroud; Nigerian Childhood, Food Poverty and the Healing Power of Cake     - The Big Travel Podcast

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November 10 , 2020

109. TV Baker Cynthia Stroud; Nigerian Childhood, Food Poverty and the Healing Power of Cake    

TV baker and food judge Cynthia Stroud grew up in Nigeria, learning budgeting from her grandfather being paid in chickens and goats and about baking from her mother. In the UK she went from living off £10 a week, to running her million pound cake-making business, Pretty Gorgeous Cake Co, and being honoured by the Queen. Her charity Jedidiah UK supports the many people left in poverty due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With stories from Nigeria, New York, Toronto and being called ‘me duck’ in the sleepy town of Hertford.


On this episode we cover:


Growing up loved but quite poor in Nigeria

Education being the key to everything

Living in the UK on £10 a week

The pride in making a fixed budget last

Lockdown testing people’s cooking skills

Children in living in poverty

Not all of us being ‘in the same boat’

Being brought up by grandparents in Nigeria

Her grandfather being paid in yams and goats and chickens

Hiding underneath the chambers desk doing her homework

How the death of her grandfather changed everything

The shock of going to live with her mum

Finding God, oh and boys

Going to university age 15

The rainy season in Nigeria flooding entire roads

Saving for years to visit the UK

Thinking the world had ended when it was dark at 5pm

The surprise of different sunset times around the world

Moving to sleepy Buckingham

The surprise of people calling her ‘my duck’

Applying for 111 jobs

The UK being bountiful place for opportunities

Using her actions to help change racist preconceptions

People underestimating you can be a good thing

The element of surprise in business

Employing young female apprentices to give them the opportunity

How surprise skills can become your skill (cake!)

Gender prejudice in the work place

How ‘you win people by your actions not your words’

Feeling the weight of being judged if not dressed properly

Wanting to ‘make each place a little bit of home’

Preferring to return to travel destinations

Eating all day long in Spain and Portugal

Shopping in New York

Toronto feeling very welcoming

Cake representing countries

British cakes being amongst the best in the world

Cake representing the happiest times in our lives

A story behind every cake recipe

Lisa’s Nan’s scones (video here!)

Nigeria, Harry Belafonte and pancakes