110. From Paralysis and Agoraphobia to China, Bhutan, India, the Dominican Republic and Beyond - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 110
November 27 , 2020

110. From Paralysis and Agoraphobia to China, Bhutan, India, the Dominican Republic and Beyond

Rachel Gotto was pregnant with her first child when she saw her husband’s body hauled from the sea on a diving trip in Ireland. Having lost her brother to cancer previously she was no stranger to grief however what follows is an extraordinary journey that encompasses having a supposedly terminal brain tumour, being paralysed, learning to walk again and overcoming agoraphobia before becoming an acclaimed Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She travels the world giving inspirational talks and has explored China, India, the Himalayas, Bhutan, the Dominican Republic and much more.


On this episode we cover:


Galway on the west coast of Ireland

Coming to Ireland on a boat

Her maverick father buying a Baltic trading boat

The potato farm in the south of Ireland

Heath Robinson journey

Never making it to New Zealand or the Seychelles

The boat with the nailed down sofa and an Aga

Being truly grateful for her unusual life

Her journey recovering from extreme trauma

Becoming completely paralysed

Being told she would never walk again

Pregnant and grieving the loss of her husband

Grieving the lost of her brother

How recovering made her re-train as a clinical hypnotherapist

Harnessing the power of your own mind

Harnessing the power of the body’s innate ability to heal itself

Neuro-plasticity and therapy being a powerful tool

Feeling a duty to share her story

Her scuba diving business with her fisherman husband

The fateful day her husband went out on a diving trip

Being told her husband was convulsing in the deep water

Feeling her baby lurch inside when she was told her husband was dead

The lonely birth without her husband

Starting to lose the use of her legs

Being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour

Being told to write her will

Travelling to desperately try to find a cure

Finding a maverick surgeon in Bristol who would ‘give it a go’

Becoming paralysed

Furiously willing her body to move

Learning to walk again (in black cowboy boots!)

Staring at her limbs and willing them to move

Motivated to be ‘a normal mum’

Allowing yourself to explore possibilities

Covid creating opportunities for more self compassion 

How we can sometimes sabotage our happiness with anxiety about something going wrong

Holidays and travel helping bring your mind into the moment 

Dicing with death on steep mountain roads in Eastern Bhutan
Spending three weeks ‘in utter terror’ visiting monasteries in the Himalayas

Staying with the nomadic Merik tribe in far Eastern Bhutan

Seeing ‘new faces’ when travelling

How smiles connects us whilst travelling

Being born with an adventurous spirit

Catching her own fish for dinner age 5

Travelling on rickety local buses in the Dominican Republic

Liking to ‘travel the hard way’

Locals writing little letters of translation for her in Southern China

Travelling helping remind you that you love home too

Agoraphobia taking hold after her hospitalisation

Learning to travel through her mind

The long journey of overcoming the mental paralysis of agoraphobia

Being grateful for the journey, despite the trauma

Digging herself out of landslide in the Himalayas on the way to the remote monastery to the song of A Horse With No Name