113. Jamie Douglas-Hamilton; Treacherous Seas, Great Explorers and Crazy Hallucinations - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 113
January 7 , 2021

113. Jamie Douglas-Hamilton; Treacherous Seas, Great Explorers and Crazy Hallucinations

It’s been called one of the most treacherous seas in the world but this didn’t stop Jamie Douglas-Hamilton and team rowing through The Drake Passage from South America to Antarctica, breaking 9 world records and resulting in the incredible documentary The Impossible Row for Discovery+. Inspired by his grandfather, the first man to fly over Everest, Jamie previously rowed from Australia to Africa. He’s endured towering waves, cuts down to the bone, sea sickness, land sickness, sleep deprivation and vivid hallucinations that could drive you absolutely mad. 


On this episode we cover:


The Impossible Row on Discovery+

The Drake Passage

Rowing through icy unchartered territories

Huge waves that go on for thousands of miles

The ultimate challenge in rowing

Dropping down a 60ft wave with the boat full of water

Not having time to get scared in storms

But getting scared afterwards

Time getting distorted as you tire

Cutting his ankle to the bone

Not sleeping for two days and nights due to pain

From the Southern tip of South American to Antarctica

Sir Francis Drake’s perilous journey through the Strait of Magellan

Thousands of people having died doing the journey

Shallow water meaning steep, high waves

Ernest Shackleton being hit by hurricanes 

The exhilarating cliff faces rising from the water

Being circled by killer whales

The adrenaline and endorphin rush of seeing land

Landing on Christmas Day and calling his family

Taking a long time to regain feeling in his feet and hands

Rowing from Australia to Africa

Losing three stone going across the Indian Ocean

Drinking 13 litres of water a day

Vivid hallucinations due to low sodium

How drinking sea water helped them break speed records

Creating his ownb brand ActiPh Water

Hallucinating his rowing mate in a laboratory

Seeing a massive hand coming out the water

Constantly hearing the Nokia ringtone

Huge orange moons on the horizon

Millions of bright stars

Moments he wished would never end

Bad storms meaning missing Durban but ending up in the Seychelles

Being unable to stand on land and getting land sickness

People thinking they were drunk

The incredible journeys of his grandfather The Duke of Hamilton

Sir Douglas Douglas-Hamilton,

The first man to fly over Everest

Clearing the peak by only 40 ft

Edmund Hillary using the footage from this to navigate a new route

Nazi Rudolph Hess parachuting to see Douglas-Hamilton during the war

Sleep deprivation training (this is crazy!)

The songs that keep them going on the open sea