118. Olly Mann; Guns On Trucks in Malawi, Swim-Up Bar Piña Coladas, Greyhounds and The American Dream - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 118
May 26 , 2021

118. Olly Mann; Guns On Trucks in Malawi, Swim-Up Bar Piña Coladas, Greyhounds and The American Dream


Olly Mann, from Answer Me This podcast fame, his new The Retrospectors and much more, loves nothing more than researching trivia especially with travel. We talk Wrigley’s chewing gum and decapitation, leaving your baby outside a pub, people who get erections on public transport, a love for Luton Airport, the misleading American Dream, cocktails worth shortening your life for, having a bottom accident on an African roadside (yes this episode does feature the S word) and much more. 


On this episode we cover:


His new day in history’ podcast The Retrospectors

How Lisa’s research for this conversation has been INTENSE

(basically just talking to Helen Zaltzman)

Greyhound buses – Wrigley’s chewing gum and decapitation

Holiday camps – sorry – forest villages –  

The woman jailed for leaving her baby outside a bar in New York 

How they choose their subjects for The Retrospectors

Wanting to spend his whole day researching trivia

Our favourite Alvin and the Chipmunks hits

Lisa’s ‘research’ – basically Google and talking to Helen Zaltzman

‘Why is it when I travel on a bus I always get an erection?’

Is Simon Calder kinky on certain forms of transport

Does Michael Portillo get an erection on a train

Centre Parcs and holiday camps coming into their own

Covid-19 restrictions meaning we now have to be more organised

The salty smell of the sea with a drying octopus nearby

Wanting to sit where the busker plays the accordion

Creating whole podcasts so he can go out and meet people

Flying to Vienna to interview a Canadian he found on Instagram

Having a love for Luton airport

Being fascinated by Gibraltar (where he got married)

Lisa feeling bad about slagging off Gibraltar on TV and radio

Churchill decreeing there should be monkeys

John and Yoko and Sean Connery also getting married there

How Madonna wasn’t writing about San Pedro in Malaga

Marbella being lovely yet easy (with an appealing trashy side)

How there’s nothing wrong with wanting a branch of McDonalds

How mod cons are quite nice to have, for tourists and for locals

The miracle of Uber

Loving walking around cities

His favourite cocktails (worth shortening your life for)

How a swim-up bar begs for a Piña Colada

Malawi, despite a lot of guns and poverty, being incredibly welcoming

The threatening side of the USA

The ‘American Dream’ being pervasive and appealing but not quite true

Is it easier in Britain to transcend social barriers than it is in the US?

Helen sharing Olly’s shi*tty socks story from his African gap year

‘Your anus becomes a floodgate’

Chickens on buses

Squatting lurid yellow sh*t on his socks at the side of the road

The sponsorship opportunities of a niche podcast ‘have you sh*t yourself abroad’

Travelling to India to help his friend scatter his grandparents’ ashes in the Ganges

Having no sense of direction

Previously not knowing where the Pacific is

Laughing at his dyspraxia and feeling terrible

How Tom Tom was revolutionary for dyspraxics

Driving ten junctions the wrong way round the M25

Needing huge landmarks like the Eiffel Tower

Being a ‘geriatric millennial’, straddling digital and pre-digital worlds

How it doesn’t matter what your company/podcast is called

Imposter syndrome holding people back

Swimming around his holiday pool hosting pretending he was Jonathan Ross

Travelling around the UK for his show on BBC Radio 4 – Four Thought

Enjoying the challenge of something goes down badly with the crowd

Leaning into the ‘something sad’ about being somewhere on his own

Yes Sir I Can Boogie blaring out on a truck guarded by a man with a gun

How not everyone who travels is mentally ill

The Full Monty and its bizarre CD spin offs