12. Chas Newkey-Burden: Celebrity Biographer on Nightlife in Israel, Madrid with David Beckham and How An American in Dublin Changed His Life - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 12
April 9 , 2018

12. Chas Newkey-Burden: Celebrity Biographer on Nightlife in Israel, Madrid with David Beckham and How An American in Dublin Changed His Life

As a best-selling celebrity biographer for Adele, Amy Winehouse, Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and many more, Chas Newkey-Burden has some wonderful travel tales to tell. He’s interviewed David Beckham in Madrid, loves the nightlife and indeed daylife of Israel and once spent an entire flight to Australia rehearsing how to evacuate a plane. Plus can you identify the American stranger who changed Chas’ life after a chance encounter when crossing the finishing line of the Dublin Marathon…? Let us know!


In this episode we cover:

 His career as a journalist

Magazines Time Out, Loaded, Attitude, The Big Issue

Writing celebrity biographies

How Adele is a true musician

How his biography of Simon Cowell is the most abandoned book in the UKs Travelodge chain

His favourite places in Israel

The amazing gay scene in Tel Aviv

The Middle East Conflict

British journalist Julie Burchill

Attitude gay magazine

‘The 6 Day Phwoar’

MySpace (remember that?)

Battling with Israeli airport security

The effect of the conflict on the Israeli people

Strong Israeli women

How the Israelis party

Israel’s attitude to homosexuality

His childhood trips to Australia

Hanging around Australia as a teen

The boredom of long-haul flights

Developing an anxiety about flying

Food poisoning in Thailand

The perils of scuba diving with food poisoning!

How Australian soap operas took over the world

Interviewing footballers

How travel writing is ‘living the dream’

Travel writing clichés (I love this bit!)

Interviewing David Beckham in Madrid

The Big Issue – magazine sold by homeless people

Real Madrid loving Madrilenian taxi drivers

How David changed over the years between Chas’ three interviews with him

Being rude to famous people

His work with footballer Dennis Bergkamp

His love of Arsenal football team

Travelling with Arsenal to Paris

Being fenced in by Parisian riot police

Sprinting with Paris

Loving a really bad result for his football team

How to travel as a vegan

Why people hate vegans

The Happy Cow app

The Vegan Passport book

Veganism in Israel

Veganism amongst Holocaust survivors

How a chance encounter in the Dublin Marathon turned him vegan

The American stranger who changed his life in Dublin

Can you help us find the man who turned him vegan?

Vegan Runners

Speaking bad Spanish in Mallorca  

His love of America

Honeymooning by touring America

Being disappointed by Washington DC

Loving Los Angeles

Loving the American people

But finding the current America largely sad and divided

Divisions created by Trump in the US and the Brexit vote in the UK

Being inspired by New York

How visiting New York inspires his work

Travelling around Britain

How being self-employed means short trips closer to home

Brighton, Bath, Oxford, the Cotswolds

Loving returning to favourite places


Being a regular visitor to a Krishna temple in London

Plans to go to India

The perfect American road-trip playlist