122. Matt Forde; Billy Connolly in New York, Liam Gallagher in Berlin and Nick Leeson's Worldwide 'British Scandal' Jaunt - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 122
August 12 , 2021

122. Matt Forde; Billy Connolly in New York, Liam Gallagher in Berlin and Nick Leeson’s Worldwide ‘British Scandal’ Jaunt

Comedian, political satirist and Spitting Image star Matt Forde talks accosting Billy Connolly in New York, ‘dying’ on stage in Luxemborg, pints of Carling in ex-pat clubs in Bahrain, Nick Leeson’s luxury hotel dash around the world, spending 3 months locked in a first floor flat, an emotional pilgrimage to the Ghostbusters fire station, being the voice of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump (yes he does give us some excellent impressions) and posh people behaving badly on the podcast British Scandal.
On this episode we cover: 


Matt’s British Scandal podcast series along with My Dad Wrote a Porno’s Alice Levine

Posh people behaving badly

New season of the podcast about Nick Leeson and Barings Bank
Wondery making Hollywood films in podcast form
Nick Leesom absconding and travelling the world
The possibilty of following in Nick Leeson’s footsteps
Lisa Leeson becoming an air steward for Virgin!
Starring in Spitting Image
Being the voice of Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Keir Starmer
Boris Johnson having to have a rainy weekend in Cornwall 
Travelling the UK in a camper van with Jon Richardson
Gigging in Bahrain to ex pats
Failing at doing very British stand up comedy in a cafe in Luxemburg
Glittering hotels in Bahrain contrasting with…
…Carling and Walkers in the ex-pat clubs
Brits abroad, bangers and mash and Premier League Football
British music and British breakfast 
Having to shield during lockdown because of asthma
Staying inside for 3 months in a first floor flat
How walking around the block felt like another planet
Pub crawls post lockdown
Childhood trips to the wonderful British seaside
Loving going to see gigs abroad
Being in love with Berlin
The beauty of New York at Christmas
Liam Gallagher in Berlin
The kindess of Berliners to British tourists
Indecipherable Berlin tube maps
Dodgy nightclubs, S&M and gimp masks.
An emotional pilgrimage to the Ghostbusters fire station 
Playing the lookalike game in New York
Randomly bumping into their hero Billy Connolly
Billy talking to them for ages and giving them career advice
Loving history in Paris, Dubrovnik, Rome…
Succumbing to the love of an all-inclusive in Cape Verde
Mauritius whale watching after a heavy night out
Poignant baby whale appearances whilst vomiting overboard

Watching England play in Euro 2020