2: Lucy Siegle; Passion for the Planet, Disney Lions in the North Mara and Teenage Kicks in the Canaries - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 2
February 2 , 2018

2: Lucy Siegle; Passion for the Planet, Disney Lions in the North Mara and Teenage Kicks in the Canaries

Lucy Siegle’s passion for the planet is infectious. Her work has taken her to everywhere from of the poorest parts of the world, in the fabric factories of Bangladesh, to the most glamorous of red carpets at the Oscars. She’s an award winning journalist, trailblazing in terms of eco journalism and fashion. She’s on our screens almost daily on The One Show on primetime BBC1 as well as a prolific writer and broadcaster.

In this episode of The Big Travel Podcast Lucy, fresh off the plane from the Environmental Assembly in Nairobi with Ellie Goulding, clears up some tricky about the impact of travel on our planet and tell us how the average family holiday two weeks in Mallorca or Benidorm might better for the planet than some more nature-led options.

The vast array of subjects we cover include Safari in the North Mara, Disney cartoon animals, attitudinal zebras, well fed lions, conservation versus hunting in Kenya, Ellie Goulding frequency tagging elephants, optimism for our eco future, plastics, renewable power, the digital economy, technological leaps, commitment to innovation, African female activists, the carbon burden of travel (versus the importance of visiting places!), solar flight, electric planes, vacuuming an aeroplane, carbon emission bartering, the Copenhagen Climate talks, the Paris Climate Treaty, withstanding Donald Trump, appeasing the aviation industry, golf courses, luxury villas, eco-value resorts, plastic-free hotels, beer, Iceland (both the store and the country), slow-philosophy towns, getting lost in the wilderness, writing bad travel reviews, freedom of speech (or rather the lack of it) in the Maldives, the status of women, Soneva resort, glass blowing ladies from Leeds, huge crabs hanging around resorts, setting sail with Greenpeace on Rainbow Warrior, tuna ranching, what to do if you get arrested, wild nights out in Brighton, scrubbing out toilets, the collapse of the eco-chain, unfurling banners around tuna farms, anti-whaling ships, The Green Carpet Challenge, Livia Firth, going to the Oscars, photo-shoots and cyclones in Bangladesh, hanging out with fashion royalty in Milan, BBC Radio 4, standing next to supermodels, Giselle, Italian dress sense, travelling for fun (or rather not), Thailand, potential poisoning in Peru, Guinea Pigs, cocktails mixed in buckets, consuming things you don’t want to, killing a chicken,, eating pig snout, East London, Great Blasket Island, whales, dolphins, donkeys, growing up in Ireland, returning to East Bali, The Gili Islands, Cork Limerick, her love of North Wales, love of cold seas, ambitions to be an old lady that swims on Xmas day, shocking taste in music, teenage beach days in Gran Canaria and how refusing to travel made her miserable.