23. Edith Bowman; TV and Radio Presenter on Bolivian Llamas, Rough Guides, Touring with Editors and Loo Seats for the Queen - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 23
June 18 , 2018

23. Edith Bowman; TV and Radio Presenter on Bolivian Llamas, Rough Guides, Touring with Editors and Loo Seats for the Queen

Brought up in the family hotel in Fife, Scotland, Edith Bowman has travel running through her veins. She’s hung out in New York with the world’s biggest bands, been caught in a snowstorm in the salt flats of Bolivia, shot guns in Texas (which she hated), presented TV travel shows from all over the globe and loves nothing more than waking up in a new place a day with her kids and rockstar husband on a tour bus.


On this episode we cover:

How she got started on MTV

Initial negativity about her Scottish accent


Sara Cox

June Sarpong

Cat Deeley

Donna Air

Davina McCall

MTV’s Select

Growing up in family hotel in Anstruther in Fife in Scotland

Her granddad’s café and grocers shop

Sir Alex Ferguson


Working in the hotel from a young age

A visit from the Queen

The Queen’s velvet toilet seat

The bus from The Italian Job

Her vast family

Fife being the fifth moth instagrammed place in the UK

Being bored as a teenager in Anstruther


East Neuk of Fife

St Andrews

The May Island bird sanctuary

Japanese Golfers

Swedish football fans

Family weddings

Family holidays (term-time!)


Disney World


Taking the kids out of school

The high price of school holiday holidays

Centre Parcs

The importance of quality time with family

Instagram world schoolers

Holidays with kids

Her husband, Tom Smith from the band Editors

On the tour bus with Editors

Exploring Europe with the kids


Zoe Ball


Interviewing Kylie Minogue outside the loo for Forth FM

T in the Park in Strathclyde Park in Glasgow

Moving to London for MTV

Travelling with MTV to Rotterdam, Milan and more

Getting a BBC presenting job on travel show Rough Guides

Travel shows in Bolivia, New Zealand, Japan, Barcelona, Stockholm…

Altitude sickness in La Paz

Hitting a freak snow storm in Bolivia

The surreal Bolivian salt flats


Driving on her own through the Mojave Desert

Visiting her cousin in Mammouth

How presenting travel shows encouraged her adventurous streak

Solo female travel


Los Angeles

Getting stuck in a blizzard on the way to Yosemite

Loving New York

Loving Home Alone!

A late night out with U2 and Bono

Larry Mullen from US having to get the FBI to find an imposter


The Rhythm and Vine festival near Auckland

A crazy electrical storm at a festival in Tasmania

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

Why Glastonbury Festival is so special

Her sons Rudy and Spike

Working at Glastonbury two weeks after a C section

Expressing milk between takes

The other worldliness of Glastonbury

Lose Vagueness in Glastonbury

Lost in Vagueness – the film by Sofia Olins

Thom Yorke at The Roundhouse

Finding the positive in all travels

Not being comfortable just flopping on a beach

Being a bit bored in Mauritius

Roadtripping – her travel TV show with Cat Deeley

Mexico, Italy, France, Morocco, Texas

Feeling out of her comfort zone with the gun crowd in Texas

Conspiracy theories


Nearly getting arrested in Morocco

Being freaked out by the gun culture in Texas

Her podcast Soundtracking

Duncan Jones, Clint Mansell and David Bowie

Duncan Jones’ Scottish Nanny

Carmine Rojas

Rod Stewart

Her parents’ Timeshare experience

Villa Moura, Portugal

Her home away from home in Portugal

Kilconquhar Castle Estate the East Neuk of Fife

Places she would love to go: Cuba, Mexico, Galapagos, China, the Northern Lights, Brazil…

Giving the kids life experiences through travel

Midlake – The Trials of Van Occupanther