27. Paul Blanchard; Media Masters Podcast Host on Fast PR, Life Between London-NY-LA and Donkey Rides in Tajikistan - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 27
July 17 , 2018

27. Paul Blanchard; Media Masters Podcast Host on Fast PR, Life Between London-NY-LA and Donkey Rides in Tajikistan

Based in London, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco award-winning reputation management consultant and host of the popular Media Masters Podcast Paul Blanchard has the dream life of business travel. He loves driving across the USA, listening to podcasts, notching up 26 states and counting. When he’s not hot-footing it around the globe (Tajikistan, Pakistan, Tblisi Georgia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda…) or hanging out with the rich and famous he lives on a farm near Milton Keynes. 


On this episode we cover:

What is reputation management

What his clients want

Billionaire philanthropists

Why you shouldn’t send a press release

His book Fast PR

Imposter syndrome

Working for 46 Chief Executives around the world

Balancing working in London, New York and Los Angeles

How LA and San Francisco differ

His wife and his farm near Milton Keynes

Economy versus business class

Avoiding airline food

How being a vegan is more mainstream now

Not being an awkward vegan

Not moving back to where he grew up in York ,Yorkshire

Loving New Yorkers and New York spirit

Being fickle about loving the East Coast and West of America

Having travelled to 26 US state

California, Yosemite, Little Rock Arkansas, Alaska, Hawaii, New England, Boston. Chicago

Partying at a country music bar in Nashville

Cowboy boots and higher heels

‘Tom Cruise syndrome’

The beauty of driving through rural California

Live jazz and pizza pie in Chicago

Tajikistan, Pakistan, Tblisi Georgia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda

Racist clichés

African entrepreneurs need capital

How Britain struggle from early adopter syndrome

Travelling through the villages of Tajikistan on a donkey

iPhones and gold teeth

Roasting rats on portable BBQs

Central America, Nicaragua – the food, the people

The musical Avenue Q

Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist

Challenging his preconceptions

How travel broadens the mind

The Telegraph

Smartphone addiction

‘Non places’ that get you from A to B

How Instagram, travel blogging and social media have changed travel

Harry Styles!

Jeremy Vine and BBC Radio 2 on twitter

His plan to drive from Texas to North Dakota

Another holiday to Tokyo and Singapore

Universal studios

How to get the cheapest flights

Norwegian Airlines

Using tons of air miles and points

Why working class people don’t want rich people to be taxed heavily

How Brexit boredom compares to a scene from The Wire

The philosopher A C Grayling

Trying not to use bad language

Writing his book in four years instead of one

Learning lessons from the success of his Media Masters Podcast

Perez Hilton and his appearance on the podcast

Why he listens to podcasts and not