28. Sunsets, stitches and swimming with dolphins: Kids' holiday special - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 28
July 24 , 2018

28. Sunsets, stitches and swimming with dolphins: Kids’ holiday special

School’s out for summer and for kids that means fun, sun, getting locked in a kids club and left behind in Mexico, falling off a slide and needing stitches in Turkey, free Pringles in Greece and going to Spain because ‘we can’t afford to go anywhere else’! This is travel from the kids’ point of view, recorded with a bunch of neighbourhood kids in South East London. We travel to Belgium, France, Spain, Wales, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, India and more. What they like about their holidays might just surprise you.


On this episode we have:

Elliot, 3, going to his holiday house on a big train

Evelyn, 6, loves Center Parcs in Belgium

Florence, 5, loves going to dinner in Turkey but eats her own crackers

Finlay, 6, can’t remember what he did in France

Holidays in England – Derbyshire, the Cotswolds

Ava, 8, having stitches in hospital in Turkey and was locked in the children’s club in Mexico

Swimming with dolphins in Mexico as a treat

Ava getting trapped in a loo at Benjamin’s birthday party

Lucy, 8, pretending to sing High School Musical in Mexico and going to ‘not proper restaurants’ for tomato pasta and ice cream

The joys of Flamingo Land in Yorkshire

The joys of Kent, or is it Ghent…? And Broadstairs

The everlasting love for Blackpool

Benjamin, age 5, loves Spain as there’s lots of things to do

Jacob, age 6, and his uncle Brad’s birthday in Wales

Sebastian, 5, who goes to Spain thinking his parent don’t have enough money to go anywhere else

Oliver, age 7 and three quarters, loves creepy rides in Disneyland Paris

Mia, 8, loving free Pringles and olives in Greece

Ava doing an assembly about homeless people

Jay, 12 on crazy train journeys in India and how his grandmas makes the best curries

Lara, 7, walking on a church roof in Italy

How the best thing in Italy is pizza

The Tower of London, The Sky Garden in the Walkie Talkie building and

Going to see the School of Rock, Matilda and the Lion King

How the best thing about London is the people

Mary, 3, wielding a sword, building sand castles and eating waffles

Elliot age 3 likes sandpits and toy cars

Elliot’s favourite song about San Francisco