31. Kait Borsay; Presenter and Podcaster on Riots in Marseilles, Biking in Bali, Balls in Brazil and Women in Football - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 31
August 14 , 2018

31. Kait Borsay; Presenter and Podcaster on Riots in Marseilles, Biking in Bali, Balls in Brazil and Women in Football

Whether reporting on the Brazil World Cup, the Canada Women’s World Cup or dodging tear gas in a football brawl in France Kait Borsay takes everything in her stride. Her podcast – the Offside Rule – has been voted one of the best sports podcasts in the UK and she’s travelled extensively – Brazil, Canada, Bali, Kenya, Australia all over Europe and much more. 

On this episode we cover: 

Kait’s podcast The Offside Rule with Lynsey Hooper and Hayley McQueen

Normalising women working in football

The FIFA World Cup in Russia

Vicki Sparks

Silent sexism

Thinking about a female audience

Alan Sugar and a box of sweets

The viewership of Russia 2018 being 40% women

How advertisers need to take note of women watching football

Continental Tyres backing women’s football

Brands’ social responsibility

The silent audience

Covering the 2015 World Cup in Brazil for BT Sport

Tagging a holiday on the end of it

Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte

England exiting in the group stage

Being pregnant in Buzios

Travelling with her children

Covering the Canada Women’s World Cup in 2015

England’s success in the above

Struggling to balance family and children at work in Canada

How the podcast gives her more freedom than working for a major broadcaster

Female Footballers Alison Bender, Natalie Pirks, Eniola Aluco and Alex Scott

The potential struggles of women in Russia

Whether men feel differently than women when leaving their kids

Can women open up more about missing their kids?

Being absorbed and one-dimensional with her work

Going to Euro 2016 in France

Delays on the Eurostar

Getting involved in a riot in Marseilles

Watching plumes of tear gas

Feeling let down by football violence

How the majority of football fans are well behaved

Russian fans kicking off in Marseilles port

Getting to known the England players

Covering the football as fans not media

Shouty sports reporters on TV

The conversational style of her podcast

Buying a house in France with a friend

Paris being her favourite city

Sending Polish builders to France

Full moon parties

Putting in a swimming pool

Making the holiday house pay for itself

The medieval Lotte region

Puy l’Evequeand the Lotte River

Duck and walnuts

Cheese and wine tasting


Chateaus and castles and swimming

Dodgy French electric systems and internet routers

Kate Mosse and Carcasonne and rural France

Wanting to be somewhere not too British

Little pockets of English all over France

The UK’s great access to Europe

Don’t mention Brexit!

Australia to Bali Nusa Lembongan

Strapping their three year old to the front of a motorbike

Balinese banana snakes

Childhood camping trips to France

What kids remember from their holidays

Strict school holidays

Whale watching in Vancouver

Visiting Melbourne and Perth in Australia

The changing face of Perth

Australian wine tours

The Yarra Valley wineries and ballooning

The scenery around Perth

Her Paris list – Angelina’s on the Rue de Rivoli

The best lunch spot in Le Marais

Michel Chaudon’s famous chocolates

Loving New York but finding the people rude!

Riding city cycling tours in New York

Cite de Science in the North East of Paris

The Baton Mouche boat trips

Random jazz bars, museums and open bus tours

The Eiffel Tower being really big!

Paris being a great walking city

Loving Thailand – a big wedding in Koh Samui

Singapore and its colonial relics

Her cheeky flight upgrade trick for you all

Having some pasta in Malindi in Kenya

Snorkelling with sharks, by accident