34. Felicity Morse; Journalist and Life Coach on Super-Yachting with Beyoncé, Native American Forced Adoption and Strangling Chickens in South Dakota - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 34
September 11 , 2018

34. Felicity Morse; Journalist and Life Coach on Super-Yachting with Beyoncé, Native American Forced Adoption and Strangling Chickens in South Dakota

Spending much of her teens wiped out with Chronic Fatigue meant when Felicity Morse DID get better she wanted to get out and travel, first working on super yachts in the South of France – from which time she has the craziest of stories. From sailing with the world’s richest, to travelling solo and finding discovering a surprising Native American heritage Felicity is all about the human connection. We talk travel, mental health and her book Give a F**K – on how to care without burning out.



On this episode we cover:


Her book ‘Give a F**k’

How self-help books start conversations

Sex addiction versus recovering from trauma

How everyone has experienced something traumatic

How being ‘woke’ is not all its cracked up to be

How stuff will surface eventually

Fear of abandonment and complex PTSD

How being triggered is the most traumatic thing in the world

Does sleep training damage children

Clearing off the top layer of our conditioning

How we need to listen to anxiety and depression

Peer support instead of therapy

Being disillusioned with news – feeding people’s fear and judgment

Anxiety being used to sell us things

Trusting in whatever will happen whilst creating a safety net

Acknowledging we are not in control

How to care without burning out

Not being an ‘anxiety junkie or fear junkie’

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a 13 year old

Training as a life-coach

How to say things so people can hear them

Preferring coaching over therapy

How being ill made her dream of travel

The importance of a good sick-bed window

Getting a job on super yachts

Cleaning, cooking and ironing the biggest silk pants in the world

The level of money of the super yacht set

Cannes, St Tropez and the Cote D’Azure

Kicking the prostitutes out when the girlfriends arrive

200 red roses

The sad death of super yacht stewardess Sinead McNamara

Training to run into burning buildings

Living in a crew house in Antibes

Being attacked in a mixed-sex hostel dormitory

Feeling the full weight of obvious sexism

Finding a high status boyfriend

The bigger the boat the more important the boyfriend

Life on board the super yacht

Cleaning up hairy floors and condoms

The super rich money hierarchy

Yachting with Beyonce and Jay Z (who ate friend chicken and played video games)

The very high profile US celebrity who was not very nice at all

The stages of rich – fun, power and philanthropy

How she made real life friends on the comments section of the Daily Mail

A tea party for the lonely

Knocking on doors at the Quakers, the Baptists and other random churches

June Sarpong and her book Diversify

Being vulnerable enough to connect with people

Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on vulnerability

How travelling on her own forces her out of her comfort zone

How to connect when travelling on your own

Why going to Ibiza and Formentara was a mistake

How everyone feels like an outsider

Fear of rejection

The best way to approach people when travelling along

Social media’s social hits

Breakfast is the best way to speak to people!

Living in Genoa

How port cities can have an increased level of crime

The beauty of the south of france

Her family in South Dakota

Her Native American great grandmother

Native American forced adoption

Death in child birth

Her grandma’s move from Leeds to South Dakota

Locals strangling chickens

How the British and new world settlers did some terrible things

Lack of tribal DNA due to the massacres

Loving California and the pacific coast light

Thinking about cities in terms of light and dark

Have people are influenced by landscape

Corfu and bags full of lemons

Cheap flights on Norwegian Airlines

How Lily Allen’s 22 reminds of her the laundry