35: Helen Zaltzman; Podcasting from a Tasmanian Hospital, American Road-Trip Spreadsheets, Taxidermy Hot Tubs and Big Pointy Red Rocks - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 35
September 18 , 2018

35: Helen Zaltzman; Podcasting from a Tasmanian Hospital, American Road-Trip Spreadsheets, Taxidermy Hot Tubs and Big Pointy Red Rocks

Surprisingly for a conversation that includes death, intensive care, cannibalism, colonial guilt, poverty, fleeing the Holocaust and being kicked in the shin by small children Helen Zaltzman and Lisa manage to laugh their way through this episode with one entertaining story after another from ‘The Benign Dictator of the Podcasting Republic’. Travel highlights include Hawaii, Australia, Tasmania, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Peru, Utah, Vegas and a hot tubs-taxidermy themed hotel.


On this episode we cover:


Being the benign dictator of the Republic of Podcasters

The Allusionist and Answer Me This

Lisa’s perspective on Helen’s travels

Her world trip that ended in intensive care in Tasmania

What actually happened

Nanny from Count Duckula

Not taking her own illness seriously

A neck full of pus

The importance of breathing

The importance of not poisoning your own blood

Podcasting from hospital

Making friends on the ward – Marge and Colin and Marge and Colin

Kath and Kim and the Sullivans

Tasmania – Hobart, racism, homophobia and the bad old days

The squeaky clean artier days – Bruce Wayne’s Tasmanian cousin

Successful white British exports – racism, colonialism…

Melbourne’s monumental changes

Fiji apologising for eating the Reverend Baker

Australia, Iceland, Newfoundland

Cheese making in Bruny Island off Tasmania

Controversial sixth form art

Being close to death far from home

The pleasures of being in hospital

Kids kicking you in the chin and maybe the shin

Helen’s spectacular scar

Are we now in the after-life?

Not talking about wombs and bowels

Quitting jobs and homes to go travelling

Finding it hard to opt-in to Trump-times

Are Trump fans decent people?

Being kicked out their flat by a Dallas-dwelling landlord

Japanese Knot Weed scuppering home-owning

40 year olds on a gap year

USA, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Hawaii

Finding Hawaii sensational and wanting to visit more Pacific Island nations

Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan

Skipping New Zealand and Canada

Taking the ferry to Melbourne and driving to Sydney

Koalas and dead kangaroos

The privilege of being western travellers without prejudice

Travelling with a British guilty conscience

How English has wiped out languages around the world

The abuse of aboriginal communities

Different international shit situations

Being reminded that we are rich

Her South African Lithuanian heritage

Eastern European and Jewish emigration to South Africa

‘Jews weren’t the worst off’ in South Africa

Supporting the regime with silence

Travellers to Germany between the wars ignoring the problems

Her uncle being Nelson Mandela’s accountant

Her father, sculptor Zach Zaltzman, moving to England in the swinging sixties

No money for family holidays

Helen’s voice failing

Oxford University and knowing big words

Her low-on-aristocrats, brutalist concrete lump of a college (St Catherine’s College Oxford)

Arni Jacobson and swan chairs

The confidence of public school kids and low-jeopardy lifestyles

Americans and their confidence

Finding travelling a real confidence killer because every situation is unfamiliar

Feeling like a massive idiot

Feeling like a welcome outsider in Japan

Feeling like her identify is almost vanishing

Travel planning with road-trip spreadsheets

Medical conferences in the US with her medical physicist husband Martin Austwick

Great American road-trips

Colorado, Utah, Vegas, Nevada, Reno, San Francisco, California, deserts, beaches, rainforests, Eccles cakes, Yellowstone National Park and a hot tubs and taxidermy themed hotel.

Fur bikinis, Oxfordshire, the Crazy Bear Hotel, bears in the Cotswolds, Bavarian themed towns and a museum 50,000 nutcrackers

Leavenworth, Washington State, in the Cascade Mountains and the Alps

Sexy nutcrackers and the Private Nutcracker Museum in Cornwall

Winthrop Cowboy Town and the town of Helen

The town of Chessy near Disneyland Paris

Utah, Mars, red rock, pointy rock and stripes

Having a job that is portable

Taking the Allusionist Live on tour

Dicey wifi in China

Timing the tour with bat season in Austin Texas and whale migrations on the East Coast

Being well received by American podcast audiences

How the ‘British Accent’ is loved to a certain extent

Ricky Gervais

How National Lampoon’s Vacation (Holiday Road Vacation by Lindsey Buckingham) kicks off all their road trips