38. Femi Oluwole; Anti-Brexit Campaigner on Nigel Farage, Chips in Brussels, Wealth v Poverty in Nigeria and a French Summer of Love. - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 38
October 9 , 2018

38. Femi Oluwole; Anti-Brexit Campaigner on Nigel Farage, Chips in Brussels, Wealth v Poverty in Nigeria and a French Summer of Love.

Femi Oluwole is a spokesperson for Our Future Our Choice, a group of young people campaigning to stop Brexit. He’s gone head to head with key pro-Brexit figures including Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins and it’s only a matter of time before he’s invited onto Question Time. The son of Nigerian doctors he grew up in the North East of England and had moved 14 times by the age of 14, later studying EU law in Brussels and Vienna.


On this episode we cover:

His busy life trying to block Brexit

Spending his life on Mega Bus and not sleeping

Visiting the Northern Irish border

The sheep farmer who will quit if Brexit goes ahead

Lisa’s Brexit confessions

Sane leavers v the not very sane

Stalking Nigel Farage

Arguing with Nigel Farage

Being vilified by The Daily Mail and Daily Express

Studying EU law

Being born in 1990

Lisa makes a drugs confession

Summing up the single market for David Cameron

Why people voted Brexit

The political class and ‘elites’

Japan, Nissan, 27,000 factory jobs and Sunderland

London and the Metropolitan elite

British Immigrants in London

The jobs and investment being in London

Social integration

Outside of London being neglected

Voting out when you thought we would stay in

What Femi did on the night of the election

Lisa’s election result night confession from Soho (yes another confession)

And sorry to the mixed race couple we totally embarrassed on referendum result night

How leavers might think we’re pathetic

Being born in Darlington but moving to Middlesbrough, Dundee, Swansea, Birmingham, Worcestershire, Nottingham and more.

Blaming Will Smith, The Fresh Prince and Kenan and Kal for his American accent

Moving to Brussels – and who has the best chips (mayonnaise or Samurai sauce)

The true spirit of Europe

British weapons being used by Saudi Arabia in Yemen

Why people are against the Human Rights Act

His Dad being born next to Highbury Stadium

Casual racism he experienced as a child (his magic hand!)

Feeling special

His Nigerian doctor parents

Posh, wealthy Nigerian

NHS doctors from the EU and abroad – EU making up 10% of our doctors

Immigrants are keeping us alive

Would we want to pick fruit?

Working in bars

How Vienna is the prettiest city he’s been to

Working for the EU’s Fundamental Right’s Agency

Ditching law due to his ‘hero complex’ and wanting to make a difference

Leaving before he lost his soul

His twitter following

Heading into Birmingham’s Bullring with a EU placard

‘Some random kid from Darlington leading the EU debate’

Experts and not trusting experts

Trump’s #fakenews

Within 5 year of the referendum how the population will be remainers

Inderef1 and the people’s vote

Being no way to solve the Northern Irish border situation, the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and EU lorries

The danger of leaving the EU without having a say in the rules

How we were top of the pile in the UE

What Femi will do if we leave the EU

How people will feel if it Brexit doesn’t go ahead

The will of the people cannot be undermined by another referendum – if the will of the people is to change our minds then that is the will of the people

Not seeing a decent Brexit plan –Chequers

Being in economic interest to do business with our closest neighbours

Femi for Prime Minister!

Moving number 10 to Birmingham

Not liking London – cycling, talking to people, being isolating and too warm.

The inequalities and heat of Nigeria and outside Lagos, gated communities, corruption and crime

Studying an Erasmus year abroad in France

The romantic complexities of falling in love with a French lesbian, getting cheated on by a German

Daring to say anything in French

People’s personalities changing when they speaking another language

Working a ski season in a hotel in France

How he’s too crazy to drink alcohol

Skiing in a cape and swimming shorts

Living in 14 houses by the time he was 14

The Back Street Boys in Bromsgrove