45. Sharon Latham; Music and Football Photography, Movie Stars and Rock Stars and Selfie Guide World Travel - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 45
November 27 , 2018

45. Sharon Latham; Music and Football Photography, Movie Stars and Rock Stars and Selfie Guide World Travel

If you love music, love travel and even like a bit of football you’re in for a treat because music and football photographer Sharon Latham has the most brilliant stories about travelling with some of the world’s most famous footballers, rock stars and movie stars. She’s just published a book with Noel Gallagher, has worked with Bruce Springsteen and was even recognised Bradley Cooper on the red carpet. Her latest venture is the Selfie Guide for which she explores the world’s best destinations finding the best selfie spots in New Zealand, New York, Paris, London, Manchester, Rome, Berlin, Canada, Tasmania, Fiji, Hawaii, Bali, Tokyo and more.


On this episode we cover:


Music and sport photographer and Selfie Guide

Non-League football in Liverpool

The bizarre pitches of non-league

Her rise to the Etihad for Manchester City

Being Manchester City’s first female official photographer

Winning the 20111 FA C up and many more

Being a City fan

Manchester City’s phenomenal turnaround

Getting to know all the players

Working Mario Balotelli

Travelling with the team to Hong Kong, America, all over Europe

The fast-paced life of a football photographer

The ground-breaking images of players of the pitch

The standout moments of travelling with the teqam

Interviewing Mario Baloti with Noel Gallagher

A serious team who knew how to have some fun

‘What goes on on tour stays on tour’

Lounging around an LA swimming pool with Mario Balotelli in Versace swimming shorts

Aleksandar Kolarov and Edin Džeko around the pool

MLS football and Premier League football

Vincent Kompany sliding on the training ground in Hong Kong

The indispensible role of the kit men on tour

The laundry being the heart of the training ground

Getting tackled by security at the FA Cup Final

Leaving Manchester City to return to music photography

Calling up Noel Gallagher’s to arrange to go on tour

Travelling with Noel and High Flying Birds

Showing Noel in a completely different light

Creating a book with Noel

Touring across America

Amazing old-school theatre venues in the US

What Noel’s like on tour

Touring UK festivals

Life on the tour bus

Taking selfies from all over the world for the Selfie Guide

Surreal American road-trips

Almost hitting a deer on the road from Detroit (or possibly Ohio!) to Washington

Working with Bruce Springsteen

Naming her son after Bruce Lee

Bruce Springsteen calling her up on the phone

Working with Robbie Williams, Take That, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Morrissey, Johnny Marr, the Wombats

Photography at Film Festivals – Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

Her Bradley Cooper story (you’ll love this one!)

Lars from Metallica and Blondie’s drummer

On the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival

Bradley Cooper’s dodgy travel videos

How the idea of Selfie Guide developed

Telling Joe Hart, Carlos Tevez, Richard Wright her idea around the table at Carrington training ground

Joe Hart coming on board as her partner

The guide to the most beautiful travel destinations in the world

How the Selfie Guide can help you get the best ever holiday photos

The best shot at the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps in Rome

New Zealand, New York, Paris, London, Manchester, Rome, Berlin, Canada and adding destinations all the time – 22 destinations with over 500 selfies and counting

Finding key emerging destinations

Travelling 47,000 miles so far for the Selfie Guide on a strict budget of £50 a night

Needing to make friends in Fiji (coincidentally this is where Lisa’s Dad is from!)

Camper vanning it all around the east and now west coasts of Australia.

Tasmania – Fiji- Hawaii – Bali – Thailand – Tokyo for the cherry blossom

Greenwich Park’s blossom

Jacqueline Cadiente – the stuntwoman for Hawaii 5-0

Scotland, the Scilly Isles

Balancing her travel with her family

Her kids being very proud of what she does

Not being able to do the same job when her kids where really young

Her the death of her father when she was just 8 lead to her photography passion

Joe Hart’s involvement with the app

How Joe Hart is a top bloke – now at Burnley

Staying in Compton in LA

How travelling in a camper van gave her her best stories

One of her wild night’s out in New Zealand

Flying to Milford Sound with a very hung-over pilot

How New Zealand is the most beautiful place she’s been

How the Selfie Guide will take you all around NZ’s best bits

The David Bowie song that reminds her of the first holiday after her Dad died

Driving around New Zealand blasting out Catfish and the Bottleman

Her great (and slightly dodgy!) David Bowie story on the Glass Spider tour in Manchester (with Bryan Ferry thrown in too)

The Book: Any Road Will Get Us There (If We Don’t Know Where We’re Going) by Noel Gallagher and Sharon Latham