55. Bookish Bronte: Instagram Book Photographer on Mary Queen of Scots, Tuscany, New York State’s Lake George and Championing Creative Introverts - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 55
February 12 , 2019

55. Bookish Bronte: Instagram Book Photographer on Mary Queen of Scots, Tuscany, New York State’s Lake George and Championing Creative Introverts

Over on instagram a reading revolution has spurned many #Bookstagram stars, including the delightful Bookish Bronte aka Bronte Huskinson, 22 year old author, visual storyteller and creator of beautiful book photography. A self-appointed champion of creative introverts she loves finding the best book-friendly villages wherever she travels and finds her happy place in a picturesque beach town on Lake George in New York State. We talk Instagram ethics, magical realism, feminism and feminine energy, travelling outside our comfort zones and so much more with Bronte Huskinson.


On this episode we cover:


Content creator

Visual storyteller

Book photographer

Starting instagram to help boost her profile as a writer

How her instagram account exploded

Discovering #Bookstagram

Starting with ‘flat lays’

Having 60k followers on Insta

The ethereal quality of her photos

Photos of books as an art form

Inspiration from the books themselves

Magical realism

Feminism and feminine energy

The hard work it takes to create a good image

Clever tricks on Photoshop

The growth of Instagram

How instagram creates a more level playing field

The touch job market for someone her age (now 22)

Watching her friends struggle to get jobs

Creating her own work

How much she earns

Whether Instagram will be around a long time

People not really using Facebook anymore

Wanting to do more than being paid to advertise on Instagram

Wanting to be a woman’s advocate

The importance of social media in promoting projects

Her writing work

Accidentally offending people with her book photos

India’s issue with stepping on books

Marie Kondo chucking out books

Using ARCs – Advanced Reader’s Copy of books – when she has to rip things up

The history of burning or destroying of books

Book called The Binding by Bridget Collins

How she Photoshops her images

How she lives in a two bedroom terraced house rather than a run down ethereal mansion

Taking most of her photos in her hallway

Her lovely floor!

Lying on books

Using a brown wooden floor backdrop

Not relating to being ‘an influencer’

How women find it hard to admit they’re good at something

Being a ‘champion of creative introverts’

Thriving online

Whether introverts are more creative than extroverts

Being a painfully shy child – Lisa and Bronte

Lisa deciding not to be shy any more

Pushing ourselves out of comfort zone

Perfecting useful skills age 21/22

Having the resolution to travel more

Visiting the hotel that has the staircase on which Mary Queen of Scots walked down the staircase before execution (the Hotel Talbot Hotel in Oundle, Northamptonshire and the staircase said to be from Fotheringhay Castle)

The outline of the ring where Mary pressed it into the wood of the staircase.

Wanting to do more photos in beautiful locations

Spending several summers in New York State

Preferring the calm of Lake George and Saratoga to New York City

Specials days on the beach at Lake George

Her travel ambitions

Whether university leavers still go on a Gap Year

Realising she can’t do everything

Fitting in her instagram account style to travel

Being a homebody who wants to travel ‘bookish little places in the UK’

The beauty of Hay on Wye in Wales and its countless bookshops

Lisa suggests she visits Haworth to and the Bronte’s house

Doing a Wuthering Heights photo on the Yorkshire Moors

Lisa’s trip to the house where AA Milne wrote Winnie the Pooh, also the house where Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones died in the pool in the Ashdown Forrest

Spending a week in Tuscany and wanting to return to Crete

The big discussion on mumsnet and in other media about the responsibilities of ‘Insta mums’ and taking freebies

How travel industry freebies often work

Instagram changes travel and attracting tourism

Instagram also causing problems with over tourism

Her trip to Ireland to promote the Happy Pear Book from the Happy Pear Restaurant

Lisa getting stopped by police in Sugar Loaf in New York State

and accidentally driving into West Point Military Academy when President Bush was about to land

How travel can open people’s minds

How being on instagram has made her ‘become a better person’ by getting to know people from all over the world

How travel is character building

Being obsessed with the Runaway by Tall Heights