58. Elli Radinger; Living with Wolves, the Transformation of Yellowstone National Park and the Beautiful Bond Between Humans and Dogs - The Big Travel Podcast

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March 6 , 2019

58. Elli Radinger; Living with Wolves, the Transformation of Yellowstone National Park and the Beautiful Bond Between Humans and Dogs

When in Germany in the 80s Elli Radinger was refused a job in space law because it was supposedly man’s work she gave it all up to dedicate her life to wolves and is now a world expert on the subject. In this fascinating episode I talk to Elli about watching wolves in the wild in America’s vast national parks, close encounters with bears, the incredible bonds wolves share in the pack and about some of the really lovely stories in her book the Wisdom of Wolves. 


On this episode we cover:  

How a childhood dog led to her interest in wolves

How she came to work with wolves

Working as a flight attendant to see the world

Qualifying as a lawyer

Wanting to work in aviation law

Being rejected from space law due to being a woman

Giving up law to work with wolves

Working as a tour guide

Starting a captive wolf research internship in Indiana

The ‘land of fire and ice’ of Yellowstone National Park

Volcanos and geysers

Having all US predator and prey animals in one spot

Being the only place in the world you can watch wild wolves from the road

The fascinating re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone

How wolves have changed the whole ecosystem of the park

Huge Wapiti elks

Scotland considering re-introducing wolves

Living in the middle of wolf and bear territory in a cabin in the woods in Minnesota

Kissing wolves and raising wolf pups in captivity

Encountering her first wolf in the wild

Bear spray versus hamster spray!

How bears and wolves don’t usually attack people

Her close encounter with a black bear in Minnesota

The sad death of Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard 

How wolves can show tenderness and love

The she wolf who stole her heart

How female wolves have very strong personalities

How the death of her favourite wolf, killed by hunters, almost made her give up on Yellowstone

Anti-wolfers who want to kill the wolves to detroy the Yellowstone project

The hate against wild animals and wolves

Gorillas in the Mist

Wolf-watching in -30c!

The curious nature of wolves

The night she camped out in the snow (no tent, -35C)

The stunning display of the Northern Lights

The wolf he came to stand so close to her

How humans can learn a lot from wolves

Listeners questions from Penny, Torben, Sophie, Paul and Marcus

The countries in Europe we still have wolves – Eastern Europe, Germany, Spain, Italy. France, Switzerland, the Netherlands

Rome’s spaghetti wolves

Why wolves howl (it’s not about the full moon)

The wolf pack in her book that howled every Wednesday at 3pm

How crossing dogs with wolves is dangerous

Wanting to be there for her old dog when she dies

The secret life of trees Peter Wohlleben

Her book the Wisdom of Wolves being translated into 17 languages

Her new book The Wisdom of Old Dogs

How dogs teach us so much

Wanting to see Iceland, Greenland and the artic ‘before it melts down’

How living with an old dog makes you realise how valuable time is

Her forthcoming book tour around the Netherlands and Eastern Europe

Sean Ellis and his work with wolves in captivity

French kissing wolves

Growling at wolves

The wolfy soundtrack that reminds her of, yes, you guessed it, watching the wolves