68. Iain Lee; Eating Pig’s Vagina for I’m a Celeb in Australia, Getting Shot at In Pakistan and Carrying a Massive Roll of Sellotape Around Marrakesh - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 68
June 5 , 2019

68. Iain Lee; Eating Pig’s Vagina for I’m a Celeb in Australia, Getting Shot at In Pakistan and Carrying a Massive Roll of Sellotape Around Marrakesh

With a show on talkRADIO with the lovely Katherine Boyle – aka Flippin’ Kath, Iain Lee goes on tour, podcasts, has a TV show recorded from his bedroom and he’s a proper cult figure in radio. He’s eaten camel brains and a pig’s vagina for I’m A Celebrity in the Australian jungle, been caught in gunfire in Pakistan and wandered the souks of Marrakesh accompanied by the world’s biggest roll of Sellotape. With a delightful conversation about TV, radio, mental health and travel, it’s Iain Lee.


On this episode we cover:

Lisa and Iain’s history of online chatting

Iain’s love-hate (or rather hate-hate with twitter)

How twitter is like taking drugs

Speaking very open about mental health

Matt Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive

How travel can help with mental health

Struggling with solo travel

Sitting in his hotel room in New York overwhelmed

Asking twitter what to do in New York City

Not being able to run away from your own thoughts

How social media and smartphones can help

Doing things abroad that you wouldn’t do at home

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Being in lockdown for ten days before going into the jungle in Australia

No phone, no internet, no TV!

Being thousands of miles away any disconnecting

Being confined to the hotel for the first week

Then being allowed to the city with a chaperone

How going into the jungle was a nightmare for his mental health

Faking the psych test to get the gig

Love Island and Jeremy Kyle and mental health issues

Suicidal thoughts

Being 13 years clean

Needing the money due to his divorce

The weirdness of being on the front page of the newspapers

Nearly walking out after three days

Stealing strawberries

The horror of the bugs in tropical countries at night

Lisa rather wetting herself than going to the loo in the middle of the night

The weight loss!

Why eating camel brains is worse than eating a pig’s vagina

Eating a big bag of fingernails (well, scorpions)

Worm and cockroach smoothies

The ethical issues of eating live bugs

Durian fruit smelling like vomit

Singaporeans wondering why we eat mouldy cows breast milk (aka cheese)

How fire ants can f*ck off and all die

The film with ants (or was it bees?)

Creep Show

Ted Danson getting drowned and coming back as a zombie

Killer bees and Michael Caine – The Swarm

A rubbish trip to Marrakesh

Being holed up in a cell-like room in some dodgy hotel

A hot air balloon ride at dawn over Morocco

Finding the biggest roll of Sellotape in the world

The dodgy guy trying to drag him to a back street pharmacy

Lisa taking a hole punch site-seeing in Florence

The queues up Everest

When Everest has stair lifts, we will go

William Sutcliffe’s Are You Experienced

Can hardship when travel make it more memorable?

Not liking camping, hostelling or anything uncomfortable

Travelling to Japan, Tokyo and the festival north of Hiroshima

Sharing showers, hearing people having sex and a miserable monk called Woody

Having a row with a Frenchman about how to cook a jacket potato

Working in Pakistan with his propsmaster Dad for a film age 24

Having daily suicide bomb threats

The locals being angry that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was being played by Dracula (aka Christopher Lee)

Fights breaking out and guns being shot during filming

Wanting to return to Pakistan

Lisa’s recordings with Lady Pamela Hicks and India Hicks

Poverty Top Trumps – Indian Partition

Honeymooning in India and the Maldives

How India is not always enjoyable

White Man Guilt

The awkwardness of having a butler

Playing pool with the butler

Did Lisa and Iain stay in the same place?

Lisa finally names the one hotel she would never write about in the press

How Iain can’t blag any freebies

Dodgy pregnancy tests in India

The incredible Japanese band that put on a special gig just for them