70. Andy "The Viking" Fordham; Legendary Darts Champ on Bublé in Vegas, Whale Watching in Durban, BBQs in Australia and Glasgow Rangers - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 70
June 20 , 2019

70. Andy “The Viking” Fordham; Legendary Darts Champ on Bublé in Vegas, Whale Watching in Durban, BBQs in Australia and Glasgow Rangers

Legendary darts champion Andy “The Viking” Fordham is as much known for his darts skills as he is for being the larger than life British sportsman the UK took to their hearts. Darts has taken him all over the world; parties in Vegas, beaches in Australia and many an hour in pubs across the land, which at one point saw him drinking over 80 bottles of beer in one night. A South East London boy, born and bred, this is recorded in Lisa and Andy’s mutual local pub, Blackheath’s The Royal Standard.


On this episode we cover:


Staying true to his South East London roots (Charlton born and bred)

Finding fame strange

But meeting lovely people

Hating doing interviews!

Some heroes he wishes he hadn’t met

Ant and Dec being lovely

Johnny Vegas being a great drinking buddy

‘Celebrity Darts’ with Rowland Rivron, Keith Chegwin and Johnny Vegas

Trying to keep Johnny Vegas off the drink

Darts and drinking going hand in hand

Going too far with drinking

Drinking 80 bottles of lager before going onto the spirits

How life changes after winning the 2004 World Championship

Not remembering winning due to alcohol

Playing Phil Taylor at the Circus Tavern

The hazard of having his own pub

Representing the UK in Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Switzerland

Australia being the land of the ‘three B’s barbecue, beers and birds’

Legendary beach BBQs on Australian beaches

Holidays to Spain and Cyprus with his parents

Being very nervous on his first trip abroad for work (to the US)

Touring LA, Laughlin Nevada and how Las Vegas is unbeatable

Seeing Michael Buble in Vegas being one of the highlights of his life

The competing American/Canadian pianists in a bar in New York New York

Lisa getting engaged in Vegas

The crack in the wing on the plane from Vegas (!)

The man who fixed a plane with a rag in London City Airport

Lisa being a nervous flying

Being a Glasgow Rangers supporter

Going to Naples with former goalkeeper Andy Goram

Getting drunk at airports

Being nervous on Celebrity Fit Club (not ‘fat club’)

Being accused of spiking Ken Morley’s drink Reg Holdsworth from Coronation Street

Finding Paul Ross (The Big Travel Podcast’s first ever guest) lovely

Having a bit of a craic in Tenerife

Going to Tenerife to get new teeth

Needing a new liver (and then it recovering!)

Recovering from a stroke

His loyal sports friends Ray Stubbs and others

Shanghai being the most exotic place he’s been to

Watching whales in Durban, South Africa

Going to some dodgy pubs

Why darts should be in the Olympics

How female darts players are upping their game

How the pub life can be very hard

Aiming to get back on top of the darts game very soon

Playing darts on a London roof in a wind tunnel

Watching incredible ski-jumpers in Norway

Breaking his wrist in Holland (this is not good for a darts player)

His wife Jenny and her fabulous Viking Jen Wellies How I’m Too Sexy became his walk-on song as a joke