71. Graeme Simsion; The Rosie Project, El Camino De Santiago, Inner City Melbourne and a Writers’ French Idyll - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 71
July 2 , 2019

71. Graeme Simsion; The Rosie Project, El Camino De Santiago, Inner City Melbourne and a Writers’ French Idyll

With the publishing phenomenon of The Rosie Project and follow-up The Rosie Effect having sold over 5 million copies worldwide, the final of Graeme Simsion’s trilogy, The Rosie Result, is out now. There’s a proposed Hollywood adaptation in the works and even Bill Gates is even a fan. Travel is an integral part of all Graeme’s stories whether that’s rural France, his native Melbourne, a cosy house in Norwich or a grey day in Manchester. A lively and engaging conversation with this best-selling Australian author.


On this episode we cover:


The Rosie Project

The Best of Adam Sharp

Two Steps Forward – his book charting the Camino de Santiago de Compostela

His most recent book, The Rosie Result

Comedic but heartfelt subjects

Selling over 5 million copies worldwide

The different routes through Europe to France and Spain to the Camino de Santiago

Finding the scallop-shaped symbol tracks to the Camino

Walking from central France over 2000km over 87 days

Getting their ‘walking passports’ stamped

‘You’ll get blisters, the walk will change you’ and crying when arriving at the Cathedral

The 19 year old Belgian who suggested they write the book the together (with Anne his wife)

Walking the Camino again along the Camino Frances

‘Finding a woman to sleep with’ from Catholics taking in pilgrims

Can you help us find the Belgian guy…? He’s Mattias the mysterious Belgian who walked the Camino in 2011, starting in Switzerland

Being born in New Zealand but moving to Australia age 12

Drawing from life for inspiration for his books

The Norwich (England) house that inspired one of his stories

…owned by Emma Healey – author of Elizabeth is Missing

The size of Australian houses compared to English ones

Having a washing machine upstairs!

Living in inner city Melbourne

Melbourne being one of the world’s most liveable cities

His father chief planner for Melbourne

The Botanic Gardens and the Myer Music Bowl

‘Sydney has the harbour and Melbourne has the culture’

Travelling with the book – Poland, Hungary, India, Bhutan and more

Loving turning left when you go onto a plane

Bhutan’s dramatic mountains and the tricky airport landing

Seeing Mount Everest from the air

The beautiful house they bought in southern Burgundy in France (instead of Italy)

Adventurer Alistair Humphreys on the Big Travel Podcast

Laurie Lee’s As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning

Writing and collaborating with his wife Anne in their French house

With a glass of wine in the evening

The colourful characters encountered in French villages

Using these locations in his books

The bleakness of Manchester in the winter

The wonderful story of Adam Sharp’s ménage a trois in Franc

Plenty of ‘Trangressive sex’!

The great lesson he’s learned from travelling around the US

The taxi driver in Pocatello Idaho on the way to see Bob Dylan

Feeling physically threatened in Morocco

Being pushed around in Paris

How Carol Shields The Stone Diaries inspired him to ditch corporate life

How life can change in an instant

The quintessential, memorable hiking moment with a ukulele