83. Dr Mandeep Rai; Global Values Expert on 150 Countries, Cultural Inspiration and Making that Leap! - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 83
December 18 , 2019

83. Dr Mandeep Rai; Global Values Expert on 150 Countries, Cultural Inspiration and Making that Leap!

Exploring the hearts, minds, and traditions of cultures and people around the world is Dr Mandeep Rai’s passion and in her new book The Values Compass (recommended by the Dalai Lama no less!) and indeed on this episode we question what makes us who we are…why the Turkish are hospitable, the Jordanians helpful and the Argentinians passionate? Mandeep has travelled to over 150 countries and loves more than anything how chance encounters with strangers when travelling can change your life. Oh and she has some very inspirational thoughts on how we can embrace our own core values…


On this episode we cover:


What ARE global values?

The 101 countries she travelled to for her new book

The character strengths that strike you in a new country

Unbeatable Turkish hospitality

The helpful nature of people in Jordan

Being kind to strangers

Hospitality rules in the Koran

You only know true kindness when you’re on the road

The passion of the Argentinians – whether dancing, protesting or football

Being more important than ever to celebrate positive global values

The positive about Paraguay, Bolivia or Peru

How only negative stories make the news

How different cultures can clash

Thailand’s love of being deeply respectful

How the book is a tool to bring out the best of yourself

Working out your top priorities or values for the next decade

Being third generation British Indian

Her Sikh grandparents moving to Britain during the WW2

Children being able to embrace their Indian culture more now there are more ethnic minorities around

London’s melting pot still alive and kicking

How people can bring their history and culture and values to London

Growing up in Gloucestershire and not speaking about the other

Lisa’s father not imparting Indian or Fijian culture at all

Wanting to be like the little blonde friends!

How immigrants embrace things differently

Having more Indian cultural influences from her mother

Ensuring they spoke Punjabi, read the scriptures and listened to Indian music

Having mixed heritage kids

Everyone untimely being some type of mix and shade of brown

Having a treasure trove of languages and cultures to draw from

Admiring what really happens to you, not your culture or friends

Entering a new decade by nailing what you want to be your legacy

How the best travel stories often happen when something goes wrong

Losing her passport in Senegal

Having the most magical time in Senegal

Being no need to create conflict

Lisa going to Munich to see England beat Germany 5-1 (or was it 5-2? Who cares, we won…)

Playing football on the edge of the autobahn

Wanting to be Cuban in Cuba

Asking a random stranger to get rid of her suitcase at Cancun airport

Foot spa chutzpah

The travelling stranger who became a life-long friend – Kathy Eldon

Brad Pitt in the living room, Whoopi Goldberg round for coffee

Dan Eldon who was stoned to death in Somalia when working for Reuters

Creative Visions – the organisation that changed her life

The incredible people you can meet in struggles when travelling

The importance of accepting others cultural norms – especially when on the tube

No word for thank you in Punjabi means getting creative with language

Whether she ever goes crazy on a night out

Having degrees, an MBA and a doctorate but not thinking she’s clever

How clever is ‘simply learning from your mistakes’

Being on the road means being in a greater sense of glow

Being uplifted by dance, music, arts and creative people

How travel means you get out your bubble

Kakadu national park in Northern Australia Being apprehended by a huge Kangaroo to the sounds of the Gypsy Kings

Our lives go quickly, do something great in the new decade

How The Values Compass is a game changer, make that leap and buy it!