95. Oliver Gee, The Earful Tower Podcast; Back-Street Paris, a Swedish Moose and the Great American Road-Trip (…yeah, baby) - The Big Travel Podcast

Episode 95
April 28 , 2020

95. Oliver Gee, The Earful Tower Podcast; Back-Street Paris, a Swedish Moose and the Great American Road-Trip (…yeah, baby)

The fabulous Earful Tower Podcast, of which the star of the show is Paris, hit number one this month in the USA Apple podcast charts. Lisa chats to host Oliver Gee about seeing Paris like a local, chasing beavers down canals, catacombs, a moose on the loose in Sweden, grand Colonial hotels in Fiji, East African trucking on a shoe-string, great American road-trips, people who call you baby and sugar in gas stations and so much more. 


On this episode we cover:


His recent number 1 in the US Apple places and travel charts

Being mentioned in the New York Times

The favourite episodes being people who have nothing to sell

The elderly British man with the best story that stopped him on the street

Leaving Sweden for Paris

Being a journalist at the time of the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks

Arriving in Paris ‘for evil not love’

Reporting on the Bataclan attacks

The concept of parachute journalism

Starting the podcast being a big change

The Parisians being misunderstood

Tourists expecting French waiters to speak English

The golden rule; you always need to start with Bonjour

American’s excellent service in restaurants

Persuading the Australian ambassador to throw him a party

Prominent Australians in Paris

Lisa totally winging it in business presentations in Paris

Loving the restaurants with cheese trolleys

The romantic old school Paris

The intoxicating cradle of Paris – the two old islands in the middle of the Seine

Tracing the ancient wall and 800 year old towers

Paris’ incredible catacombs lined with skulls and bones

The beekeeper that showed him the secret alleyways underground

Chasing the mysterious beavers of Canal St Martin

Asking random Parisians if they’ve seen a beaver

The wistful old lady releasing crocodiles into the canal

The waterways being a great way to see the city

Travel tip – don’t miss the Canal St Martin boat trip for a unique view of the city

Lisa losing her clothes on her first day of a solo week in Paris

The lead singer of the band having a panic attack on a bridge

Africa on a very small budget being a very shaping trip

Taking a truck from Tanzania through Uganda to the Victoria Falls

The news in Sweden – a moose on the loose

Sweden taking in migrants

Road-tripping the long way from LA to New York

The beautiful Grand Pacific Hotel in Fiji

Lisa’s podcast with Lady Pamela Hicks, the daughter of Lord Mountbatten, and India Hicks

The Queen and Commonwealth

Great American accents and people who call you baby

The joys of French pop singer Julien Dore

Lisa’s love of Christine and The Queens

Oliver’s memoir Paris on Air and its sparkling sounding ‘audio experience’