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Episode 135
May 19 , 2022

135. Hannah Bourne-Taylor; Ghana, Conservation and The Baby Bird That Nested in Her Hair

You might have seen recently a story that went viral, the woman who for three months let a baby bird nest in her hair. Of course the real story is a little bit more nuanced and to hear it directly…
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Episode 134
May 5 , 2022

134. Marc ‘The Vet’ Abraham OBE; Mumbai Slum-Dogs, Rescuing Bears in Ukraine, Operations in Thai Temples, Changing the Law

Marc Araham, OBE, aka Marc the Vet, was inspired by his Holocaust survivor grandmother to change UK law and dramatically improve how we treat our pets. He’s vaccinated dogs in Mumbai slums, rescued dancing bears in Ukraine, operated in Buddhist…
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Episode 133
April 21 , 2022

133. Cally Beaton; Vodka with Madonna, Panthers on the Loose and Joan Rivers’ Life-Changing Approval

Stand-up comedian, star of comedy TV shows and host of the Namaste Mother******s Podcast, Cally Beaton, was a high flying TV exec until Joan Rivers noticed her comedic talent and gave her some life-changing advice. She’s partied at some of…
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Episode 132
April 7 , 2022

132. International Travel Nanny, Shada Lambert; Celebrity Clients, Private Planes, Swimming Pools in Hotel Rooms and a Big Jamaican Family

‘Nanny Sharz’ as she’s known is an international Nanny for the rich and famous, work which has taken her all over the world looking after other people’s children. Growing up in Birmingham and London she comes from a big, musical,…
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Episode 131
March 24 , 2022

131. Abandoned Places Explorer ‘Greg Abandoned’; Soviet Space Shuttles in the Desert, Being Shot at in Bulgaria and a Life-Changing Visit to Chernobyl

On top of a building in Chernobyl, overlooking the destruction and devastation, Greg made a life-changing decision. From that moment on he would dedicate his life to exploring abandoned places, becoming ‘Greg Abandoned’. He’s been shot at in Bulgaria, risked…
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Episode 130
March 1 , 2022

130. Alex Kapranos; Growing up Half Greek, Rock n Roll Chefs, Moscow Arrests and Colombian Bull’s Testicles

Lisa is utterly delighted to have Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos on the podcast to talk about growing up half Greek, the rock and rolls side of cheffing, how Franz Ferdinand partly emerged from a kitchen, Ethiopian instruments, Colombian bull’s testicle…
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Episode 129
February 15 , 2022

129. Minnie Driver; California Contrasts, Barbados v Boarding School, European Trains and Hawaiian Ukuleles

A childhood divided between her father’s home in Barbados and the cold grey of a wintery London gave Hollywood actor Minnie Driver a love for the laid-back sunshine of the coast of California. Minnie and Lisa talk America’s contrasts of…
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Episode 128
February 1 , 2022

128. Dr. Rebecca Johnson; Crossing the US in a Hearse, Greenham Common, Driving Aid to Bosnia, Dancing in Cuba and Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Peace Activist and Nuclear Disarmament Expert, Dr. Rebecca Johnson, grew up in a Hutterite community in the rural US. After living in Japan and visiting Hiroshima she was moved to join the women’s peace camp at Greenham Common, protesting against…
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Episode Array
January 18 , 2022

127. Pete Bennett; Big Brother, Peckham Transvestites, Hollywood Agents, Mexican Chicken-Sacrifices and Celebrating Tourette’s

Growing up on a Peckham council estate with his musician mother and a ‘Lizzie-Anne the transvestite’ childcarer led to Pete Bennett’s own love of quirk and music  Now an actor, director, voice over artist and of course musician (with his band…
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