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Episode 27
July 17 , 2018

27. Paul Blanchard; Media Masters Podcast Host on Fast PR, Life Between London-NY-LA and Donkey Rides in Tajikistan

Based in London, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco award-winning reputation management consultant and host of the popular Media Masters Podcast Paul Blanchard has the dream life of business travel. He loves driving across the USA, listening to podcasts,…
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Episode 26
July 10 , 2018

26. Andrea McLean: Loose Women Host on Sugar Plantation Life in Trinidad and Tobago, Hitchhiking in the Kakamega Forest and Partying in Ibiza

As one of the most famous women on UK TV, at the helm of one of our most poplar daytime shows, Andrea McLean is the Glasgow girl with the accent that no-one can quite place. Witty, warm and highly entertaining,…
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Episode 25
July 3 , 2018

25. Giles Paley Phillips; Award-Winning Author on the Wonders of the White Cliffs, Glastonbury Festival and the Gardener in Syria Who Inspired His Next Book

Growing up in a small town on the Sussex coast was idyllic for children’s author and musician Giles Paley Phillips until tragedy struck and changed the course of his life. As a teenager in a small town he found the…
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Episode 24
June 26 , 2018

24. Simon Calder; Mr Travel Expert Himself on…EVERYWHERE

Travel guru, guide-book author, journalist and the man to the whom world turns for anything travel related; Simon Calder is the Man Who Pays His Way, has hitchhiked all over the world and is also the man who over 12…
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Episode 23
June 18 , 2018

23. Edith Bowman; TV and Radio Presenter on Bolivian Llamas, Rough Guides, Touring with Editors and Loo Seats for the Queen

Brought up in the family hotel in Fife, Scotland, Edith Bowman has travel running through her veins. She’s hung out in New York with the world’s biggest bands, been caught in a snowstorm in the salt flats of Bolivia, shot…
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Episode 22
June 14 , 2018

22. Chris Nand; India and Fiji Under British Colonial Rule, Captain Cook’s Tongan Turtle and The Beatles in 1960’s Liverpool (Father’s Day Special)

A fascinating insight into the South Pacific and what is was like to grow up under British Colonial rule. Living in a house made of bamboo the kids’ playground was the lush fields of the sugar cane plantation, mango trees,…
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Episode 21
June 12 , 2018

21. Sonali Shah: BBC1’s Escape to the Country Presenter on East Africa, Dodging American Helicopters in Afghanistan, the Beauty of Rajasthan and of Course the English Countryside

Travelling the breadth of the UK in her enviable job as the presenter of BBC1’s Escape to the Country is more calming than Sonali Shah’s previous travels which included making a ‘kidnap plan’ when filming in Afghanistan, needing armed guards…
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Episode 20
June 4 , 2018

20. George Galloway: Controversial politician on Beirut, Palestine, Iraq with Saddam, Cuba with Fidel and the Constant Companionship of Bob Dylan.

From humble beginnings in a slum tenement in the Scottish City of Dundee, George Galloway has risen to become one of the UK’s most well known and also most controversial politicians. His self-confessed radical views have seen him banned from…
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Episode 19
May 29 , 2018

19: Mid Year Special from Spain

Live from a beach bed on the coast of Andalucia, Spain, on this special half-term episode Lisa tells us all about The Big Travel Podcast including guests so far and guests to come. There’s even some singing. …
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