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Episode 80
November 7 , 2019

80. In New York with Film-Maker Will Francome; US Prisons, Kenyan Orphanages, Arctic Ice Caves and Norwegian Poo

We’re in Brooklyn with documentary maker Will Francome talking about filming on location worldwide and everything from capital punishment, the American criminal justice system, the people who get let off death row, orphanages in Kenya, standing knee deep in…
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Episode 79
October 22 , 2019

79. In Tuscany with Paola Maggiulli, The Tiny Italian; Talking Italian… Food, Wine, Colombia, Cuban Salsa Bars and London Pop Ups

In a villa in the Tuscany hills in Italy Lisa and Anglo-Italian food writer, cook and presenter Paola Maggiulli, aka The Tiny Italian have spent the day exploring Siena. Paola was brought up in London with a South American…
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Episode 78
October 8 , 2019

78. On Location in Madrid with James Blick, Tapas Expert from Spain Revealed

An ‘on location’ episode! Lisa is in Casa Toni, a busy and traditional tapas bar in in central Madrid, with James Blick from ‘Devour Tours’ and the ‘Spain Revealed’ YouTube channel talking Spanish food, culture,…
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Episode 77
September 25 , 2019

77. Dom Joly; Childhood in a Beirut Warzone, Pink Floyd in Syria, Dark Tourism and in Search of the Yeti

For comedian Dom Joly, travel is in the blood. Born in Beirut he had what in his recent book, The Hezbollah Hiking Club, he describes as a curiously paradoxical childhood between a posh Oxford boarding school and a…
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Episode 76
September 18 , 2019

76. Mimi Aye; Burmese Food Critic on Mandalay Inspired Recipes, Margate and Blasting Out Alanis Morissette in Japan

Mimi’s Aye’s effervescent observations about food have gained her a large following online and her new recipe book tells wonderful tales of a childhood spent between Burma and Kent. She’s been shadowed by by the ‘Military Informer’ on family holidays…
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Episode 75
September 11 , 2019

75. John Herrington; NASA Astronaut (Yes Really!) on Space, Native American Heritage, the US Wilderness and Inspiring the Next Generation

NASA astronaut John Herrington became the first ever Native American to travel to space during a historic mission to the International Space Station. He lives in the Idaho wilderness, flies his own plane, has cycled over 4000 miles cross-country from Washington…
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Episode 74
August 6 , 2019

74. Rhik Samadder; A Bangkok Sex Hotel Epiphany, New York Dwarf Punk and Snakes in the Mojave Desert  

Waking up in a Bangkok sex hotel with his mum on his 30th birthday, Christmas Day, with no money and nothing to do but talk, lead to an epiphany for writer, actor and broadcaster, Rhik Samadder. He writes about battling…
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Episode 73
July 24 , 2019

73. The Arabian Wanderess, Esra Alhamal; Iran, Morocco, Eastern Europe and Mindful Muslim Millennial Travel

Known as the Arabian Wandress, travel blogger and artist Esra Alhamal is this week’s guest talking about what it’s really like to grow up as a female in Saudi Arabia, the beauty of Islamic architecture and her travels as what…
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Episode 72
July 17 , 2019

72. Best-Selling Novelist on Salvadorean refugees in Nicaragua, the Mennonites of the Belize Jungle, Surfing Down a Volcano and Marie Claire

As a foreign correspondent for Reuters, best-selling novelist Fiona Neill worked with Salvadorean refugees in Nicaragua, learnt to make jewellery in the Andean mountains of Peru and travelled all over writing reports on civil war refugees. She ‘surfed’ down the side…
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