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Episode 65
May 14 , 2019

65. Adventurer and Author Alastair Humphreys on Cycling the World, Rowing the Atlantic and Chasing Laurie Lee through Spain

Alastair Humphreys left Yorkshire one day on his bike and didn’t return for four years, cycling through an incredible 60 countries. He’s walked across India, rowed across the Atlantic, run six marathons through the Sahara, crossed Iceland on foot, busked…
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Episode Array
May 7 , 2019

64. William Sutcliffe; ‘Are You Experienced?’ Author on India, Israel the Bolivian Salt Flats and Creating the Travel Book of a Generation

William Sutcliffe’s hilariously cynical take on backpackers and travellers, ‘Are You Experienced?’ is still inspiring globe-trotters all over the world. He instantly regretted a solo trip to Pakistan to get the train to Beijing, was horrified by the realities of…
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Episode 63
April 10 , 2019

63. Adventure Traveller Sam McManus; Ditching Corporate Life, Kalashnikovs in Remote Africa, Training in a Shaolin Monastery and the Amazon Jungle with Cigarettes and a Machete

Having done what many people dream of – ditching a corporate career to travel, the proud founder of adventure travel company Yellowwood Adventures, Sam McManus, has created the life of his dreams travelling to remote parts of Ethiopia, Iran, India,…
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Episode 62
April 4 , 2019

62. Norwegian Explorer Erling Kagge; The Two Poles, Everest, Polar Bear Attacks and Life’s Long Walks

A life-changing solitary walk to the South Pole led to Erling Kagge writing best-selling book Silence; in the Age of Noise and the Norwegian explorer has a new book out about how walking can change and indeed save your life.
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Episode 61
March 29 , 2019

61. Will Geddes; ‘The Real James Bond’ on Iraq, Afghanistan, Movies and Hollywood Stars

As one of the world’s top specialists in counter terrorism, kidnap and personal security Will Geddes, aka ‘the Real James Bond or the real bodyguard’, has worked in hostile environments including Iraq, Afghanistan and… Hollywood. He felt most scared on…
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Episode 60
March 19 , 2019

60. Jamie Maddison; Adventurer and Ultra Runner on Nomad Life in Kazakstan, Camel Life in Uzbekistan and Eagle Hunters in Mongolia

Adventurer and ultra runner Jamie Maddison has run 100s of miles through vast deserts, lived with a nomad in Central Asia, raced on horseback with a crazy herder on the remote old postal roads in Kazakstan, pulled a camel through…
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Episode 59
March 12 , 2019

59. Kris Hallenga; Coppa Feel Campaigner on Travel Plans Scuppered and Created, Beijing, Iceland, Australia and Disney

Aged just 22 Kris Hallenga returned from a trip to Beijing to be told she had incurable cancer. Ditching plans to travel the world she threw herself into building Coppa Feel, her wonderful charity. ‘Passion can take you to some…
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Episode Array
March 6 , 2019

58. Elli Radinger; Living with Wolves, the Transformation of Yellowstone National Park and the Beautiful Bond Between Humans and Dogs

When in Germany in the 80s Elli Radinger was refused a job in space law because it was supposedly man’s work she gave it all up to dedicate her life to wolves and is now a world expert on the…
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Episode 57
February 27 , 2019

57. John Simpson; Over 50 Years as a Foreign Correspondent, Revolution in Iran, Bombed in Iraq, Jacuzzis in Belgrade and Hallucinating in the Amazon

Foreign correspondent and world affairs editor John Simpson has risked life and limb reporting for the BBC for over 50 years. The Tiananmen Square massacre, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Zimbabwe, Bosnia – you name it he was there. He’s been punched…
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