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Episode 114
February 2 , 2021

114. Sathnam Sanghera; Empire, Racism and Legacy, Brits Abroad and Boris Johnson’s Therapy

It was winning a Radio 1 competition age 15 to fly to LA that first piqued Sathnam Sanghera’s taste for travel and indeed journalism. His latest book EmpireLand: How Modern Britain is Shaped by its Imperial Past explores how the…
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Episode 113
January 7 , 2021

113. Jamie Douglas-Hamilton; Treacherous Seas, Great Explorers and Crazy Hallucinations

It’s been called one of the most treacherous seas in the world but this didn’t stop Jamie Douglas-Hamilton and team rowing through The Drake Passage from South America to Antarctica, breaking 9 world records and resulting in the incredible documentary The…
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Episode 112
December 15 , 2020

112. Christmas Special 2020; Bill Bailey, Laura Hamilton, India Hicks, Victoria Hislop, Lemn Sissay, Ella Al Shamahi, Charles Spencer and More

  India Hicks’ very British Xmas in the sunny Bahamas, Charles Spencer’s crazily English Christmas in the stately home, novelist Victoria Hislop’s culture-free disaster in Cuba, baker Cynthia Stroud’s noise and laughter in Nigeria, blogger and content creator Eulanda Shead…
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Episode 111
December 10 , 2020

111. Ella Al- Shamahi; Lost Kingdoms of the Amazon, Charismatic Tanzanian Animals and Yemenis in Birmingham

Ella Al Shamahi is an archaeologist, explorer and stand-up comic who’s been described as the ‘real-life Lara Croft’ as she travels the world exploring some of the world’s most dangerous and remote regions. Ella talks about her Channel 4 show exploring lost kingdoms of the Amazon, growing…
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Episode 110
November 27 , 2020

110. From Paralysis and Agoraphobia to China, Bhutan, India, the Dominican Republic and Beyond

Rachel Gotto was pregnant with her first child when she saw her husband’s body hauled from the sea on a diving trip in Ireland. Having lost her brother to cancer previously she was no stranger to grief however what follows…
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Episode Array
November 10 , 2020

109. TV Baker Cynthia Stroud; Nigerian Childhood, Food Poverty and the Healing Power of Cake    

TV baker and food judge Cynthia Stroud grew up in Nigeria, learning budgeting from her grandfather being paid in chickens and goats and about baking from her mother. In the UK she went from living off £10 a week, to…
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Episode 107
October 16 , 2020

107. Samantha Kelly; ‘Tweeting Goddess’ on Ireland’s Beauty, Hong Kong Bar Dancing and the People Who Inspire Us

All the way from Rosslare Harbour in Wexford in Ireland Samantha Kelly is the founder of the global Women’s Inspire Network. We talk about inspiring female entrepreneurs, the people who have inspired us, arriving by boat to Ireland on the…
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Episode 106
September 24 , 2020

106. Charles Spencer; Historic Monarchs, Worldwide News Reporting and the Ghosts of Althorp

Earl Spencer, best-selling author and historian, has a superb talent for bringing history to life. His new book, The White Ship, explores England’s worst ever maritime and royal disaster, a tragedy that changed the course of European history forever.
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Episode 105
September 15 , 2020

105. Justin Somper: Bestselling Vampirates Author on Australian Beaches, New York’s Studio 54, Magical Coincidences and Not So Magical Prejudices

The year is 2505. The oceans have risen. A new era of piracy has dawned…Justin Spmper’s vision of a future world in the bestselling Vampirates books has been very much infiluenced by his passion for Australiia, which has lead…
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