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Episode 45
November 27 , 2018

45. Sharon Latham; Music and Football Photography, Movie Stars and Rock Stars and Selfie Guide World Travel

If you love music, love travel and even like a bit of football you’re in for a treat because music and football photographer Sharon Latham has the most brilliant stories about travelling with some of the world’s most famous footballers,…
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Episode 44
November 20 , 2018

44. Tom Hall; Lonely Planet’s Travel Ethos, Preconceived Images of Ethiopia, Ferrying Chilean Fjords and the Beauty of Syria

As Lonely Planet’s Editorial Director, travel is a rather fortunate occupational imperative for Tom Hall, who started off packing boxes in the warehouse 20 years ago and now has the top editorial job at the world’s favourite guidebook publishers. Tom…
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Episode 43
November 13 , 2018

43. Vivian Godfrey; The World’s Most Iconic Travel Bookshop, Cartography & the Great Age of Exploration and Commuting from Florida to London

The world’s most iconic, historic travel and map bookshop, Stanfords in London’s Covent Garden, is a magical place that has delighted visitors for over 165 years with one of the world’s largest collection of maps, globes and travel books – creating…
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Episode 42
November 6 , 2018

42. Gillian Walnes Perry; Anne Frank’s Amsterdam, Chased by the KGB in Soviet Russia, Obama’s Sister in Honolulu and World Cruising

The founder of the Anne Frank Trust and author of The Legacy of Anne Frank, Gillan Walnes Perry, talks about the incredible legacy left by Anne and her famous diary, written when hiding from the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam. Gillian’s…
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Episode 41
October 30 , 2018

41. Daliso Chaponda; Malawian Comedian on Life in Exile, Anti-Apartheid Education in Swaziland, Hair Touching in Thailand and Britain’s Got Talent

The son of political refugees, Malawian Comedian Daliso Chaponda had a truly fascinating upbringing in exile in Kenya, Somalia, Swaziland, Thailand, Bangladesh, Austria and Switzerland following his UN Diplomat father. Returning to Malawi was a culture shock as were the…
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Episode 40
October 23 , 2018

40. Isabelle Broom; Escapist Fiction Author on Travel-Novels from the Greek Islands, Prague, Lake Como, Andalucia, Sri Lanka and More

Sitting in a piazza in the sunshine, coffee at hand, writing your latest novel is a dream for many of us and a dream our guest this episode has made a reality – with best-selling books based on Greek Islands,…
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Episode 39
October 16 , 2018

39. Phil Nichol; Canada-Grown Comedian on Strange Encounters in Dutch Toilets, Nazi-Themed Folk Bars in Bangkok and Manila’s Famous Hobbit House

Life’s not always been full of laughs for comedian Phil Nichol, for a start he was born in Britain’s number two crap town, banned by Born Again Christian parents from wearing jeans until 17 and once had a terrifying encounter…
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Episode 38
October 9 , 2018

38. Femi Oluwole; Anti-Brexit Campaigner on Nigel Farage, Chips in Brussels, Wealth v Poverty in Nigeria and a French Summer of Love.

Femi Oluwole is a spokesperson for Our Future Our Choice, a group of young people campaigning to stop Brexit. He’s gone head to head with key pro-Brexit figures including Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins and it’s only a matter of…
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Episode 37
October 2 , 2018

37. Eddie Nestor MBE; BBC London Icon on Hackney, Windrush, Idris Elba, the Caribbean and Not Going to America

From a council estate in East London, the son of Afro-Caribbean immigrants, BBC London’s Eddie Nestor talks Hackney hipsters, Windrush, tracing his African roots, hanging out with Idris Elba, getting accosted in a dark alley in Thailand and – in…
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