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The Big Travel Podcast
127. Pete Bennett; Big Brother, Peckham Transvestites, Hollywood Agents, Mexican Chicken-Sacrifices and Celebrating Tourette’s

Growing up on a Peckham council estate with his musician mother and a ‘Lizzie-Anne the transvestite’ childcarer led to Pete Bennett’s own love of quirk and music  Now an actor, director, voice over artist and of course musician (with his band Lovedogz), he first came to public attention in 2006’s Big Brother and really opened up the conversation about Tourette’s Syndrome. Pete tells hilarious stories about the crazy acid trip at a psychedelic rave which gave him a vision that he would win Big Brother, being suckered in by a stoned agent with nefarious intentions in Hollywood, surviving a forest fire on a weed farm in Santa Cruz, witnessing a chicken sacrifice in a Mexican church, narrowly avoiding eating a Golden Retriever in Vietnam and much more. A real treat of an episode with lots and lots of laughter. And LOTS of swearing! You have been warned.

On this episode we talk: 

Growing up on a council estate in Peckham 

His musician mum touring with the Cure, Communards and Marc Almond

Being brought up by a transvestite called Lizzie-Anne 

Being threatened by ‘Fred the stick’

Not many serial killers called Bob

Enjoying his Tourette’s 

Swearing makes him happy 

Dressing up in drag from a young age

Martinique being like ‘Peckham on Sea’

Downtrodden and burnt out cars

A natural progression for him to become a musician

The crazy acid trip on which he predicted he would go on and win Big Brother

(hold on for this one, it’s quite a ride!)

How his friend’s tragic death changed him

Running around naked in a psychedelic trance rave 

His beautiful experience spiralling to a vision of heaven

Seeing Jim Carrey and Billy Idol in heaven 

Hitting rock bottom after the trip

Getting a vision of the Big Brother house and realising what he needed to do 

The recent tragic loss of his former girlfriend and friend Nikki Grahame 

Being invited to Hollywood by an agent 

Who turned out to be a stoner with no contacts

Finding Hollywood a dump 

His job cutting weed on a farm in Santa Cruz

Suddenly being engulfed by the snoke of a forest fire

Thinking he was going to die in the fire

Escaping in a truck over the top of the mountain 

Mexico being the most beautiful place he has ever been 

‘Bright colours, midgets and everyone off their nut on tequila’  

Dancing in the parades on the Mexican Day of the Dead 

Watching a rather unusual chicken sacrifice in a church 

Lisa’s brother doing gigs in cock-fighting rings in Mexico 

Lisa and Pete not really knowing what a cock is (!)

Golden Retrievers in cages in Vietnam 

Eating a chilli burger and ending up in hospital 

Being born because of an Indian curry 

Wanting to go to India and eat all the chilli 

Munching on cockroaches, duck’s head and jellified chicken feet 

Singing us out to the Vietnamese ding dang dong song

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