The Big Travel Podcast
The Big Travel Podcast
128. Dr. Rebecca Johnson; Crossing the US in a Hearse, Greenham Common, Driving Aid to Bosnia, Dancing in Cuba and Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Peace Activist and Nuclear Disarmament Expert, Dr. Rebecca Johnson, grew up in a Hutterite community in the rural US. After living in Japan and visiting Hiroshima she was moved to join the women’s peace camp at Greenham Common, protesting against nuclear weapons. She’s driven supplies into war-torn Bosnia, sailed the seas on Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior, worked with the UN in Geneva and spent time with the Fidel family in Cuba. In 2017 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize alongside her ICAN team. Rebecca is also never far from the sea and a song and is a captivating story teller. An unmissable episode. 

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