The Big Travel Podcast
The Big Travel Podcast
137. Jamie Klingler; Reclaim These Streets, Taking the Police to Court, Turning Your Life Around

During the pandemic Jamie Klingler, underwent an incredible transformation from heavy-drinking party girl to sober, and losing 7 stone along the way. But it was the murder of Sarah Everard that led to her becoming the activist her mother always felt she should be and having co-founded Reclaim These Streets you’ll now see her all over the news battling for justice, women’s safety and more.  She grew up in Philadelphia, travelling the world working in media and events and was in the heart of New York City on 9/11. She’s traced her 3 adopted sisters’ heritage in China, spent time recovering in the Maldives, loves the Vietnamese fishing village of Hoi An, has followed in the footsteps of Steve Coogan in Italy and feels that fellow Americans need to travel more mindfully. 

Watch Jamie’s inspirational Tedx here:

And find her here:

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