The Big Travel Podcast
The Big Travel Podcast
138. Foy Vance; Childhood Church Building in Oklahoma, Growing up in Northern Ireland’s Music Scene, Recording in Muscle Shoals, Home-Schooling on Tour With Ed Sheeran

Growing up in Northern Ireland, with his preacher father playing guitar and his granny always singing, for Foy Vance music and the nomadic lifestyle are somewhat ingrained. When Foy was a young boy his father moved the family to Oklahoma to build a church. Back in Northern Ireland he picked up the guitar and eventually immersed himself in the local music scene before moving to London (via a stint in Lanzarote!). He’s travelled the US in search of music history, worshipped at the alter of Muscle Shoals, home-schooled his nine year old on a world tour with Ed Sheeran, hangs around with some of Hollywood’s royalty and, in true poetic style, calls a tiny village on the edge of the Highlands his ‘seabed’ home. A beautiful soul as well as one of our most heart-stirring singer song-writers.

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