The Big Travel Podcast
The Big Travel Podcast
142. On location in Ibiza – Hotelier Marc Rahola; From Telephone Operator to Founder, Ibiza’s Contrasts, London’s Notting Hill & What Makes a Hotel Entrepreneur

Ibizan hotelier Marc Rahola went from hotel telephone exchange boy to founder of a chain of boutique hotels and properties by, in his own words, making a series of happy accidents and mistakes. Od Hotels now have many properties all over Europe including the beautiful Ocean Drive Talamanca where Lisa and Marc have coffee and explore… how a Paris Hotel CD inspired Marc’s boutique hotel concept, expanding to the Cote D’Azure, Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, London and more, feeling at home in London’s Notting Hill, gigging with his band, Freddie Mercury and George Michael’s Ibiza, ALL the DJs, recommendations for hidden Ibiza and how Darwinian adaption and remaining curious can be the making of a game-changing business.  

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