The Big Travel Podcast
The Big Travel Podcast
153. Robert Munns; West End Theatre with Madonna, Sailing The Pacific With MS and Life-Changing Conscious Decisions

Robert Munns, CEO of sailing charity Oceans of Hope UK, left the graft and glamour of West End theatre for a life on the seas. He’d not long had a shock diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis when a chance encounter in a harbour changed the course of his future. Rob and Lisa talk West End theatre’s transformation, working with Madonna, happy days sailing the Med, the ‘raw shock’ of his diagnosis, the physical and emotional enormity of sailing across the Pacific (with or without MS!), committing to life again, watching other MS sufferers transform with sailing and how making conscious decisions (along with the more ‘floaty’ subconscious ones) can help us through even the most challenging of times. 

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