The Big Travel Podcast
The Big Travel Podcast
66. Biker and Producer Antonia Bollingbroke-Kent; Tuk Tuk from Bangkok to Brighton, Motor-Biking Frozen Siberian Rivers and Silk Road Adventures with Joanna Lumley

Antonia Bollingbroke-Kent balances big adventures with producing TV shows like Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventures. She drove a bright pink Tuk Tuk from Bangkok to Brighton, did battle with 1000 semi-wild Mongolian horses in the footsteps of Ghengis Khan and nearly froze to death attempting to drive a motorbike and sidecar to the Russian Arctic. Often guided by her Granny’s mantra of ‘Do nothing, say nothing, until the police arrive’ Antonia regales some brilliant travel tales over a cuppa in her k

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